Chery TIGGO tiggo tiggo 9 listed in Anhui and Jiangxi regions

On June 24th, the listing conference of Tiggo 9 in Anhui and Jiangxi regions was held. As the first mass production model of Chery Automobile’s high-end intelligent platform-Mars architecture-super hybrid platform, TIGGO 9 is positioned as "super comfortable flagship SUV with magnetic levitation" and strives to build a comfortable ceiling of 200,000-class SUV.

This time, the Anhui-Jiangxi region was listed, and Tiggo 9 launched five models, namely, the leading version, the deluxe version, the distinguished version, the ultimate version and the flagship version, with an official guide price of 152,900-203,900 yuan. TIGGO Tiggo 9 integrates global user demand, global leading technical strength and global five-star safety standards. The new car is equipped with two power combinations: Kunpeng Power 400T+ Aisin 8AT or Kunpeng Power 400T+ Magna’s latest generation of 7DCT wet powershift, with an acceleration of 8 seconds per 100 kilometers; Equipped with L2.9-level leading-edge intelligent assisted driving system, it can realize NOC Chery’s automatic navigation assisted driving and AVP’s autonomous parking service function; Equipped with iFLYTEK engine XTTS 3.0, the intelligent voice interaction in the whole scene is realized. At the same time, eight intelligent scene modes, such as welcoming guests, waking up and caring for babies, are developed in combination with the actual car scenes of users.

As one of the earliest global car companies in China, Chery Automobile has been the export champion of China passenger car brand for 20 consecutive years, and has become the "China business card" loved by users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. As the pioneer and forerunner of China brand SUV, the Tiggo series has accompanied countless people in China since its birth 18 years ago, achieving the brilliant achievement of "300W+ for global users" and becoming an indelible symbol made in China. TIGGO Tiggo 9 built by Chery Automobile will continue the champion gene of Tiggo series, enter overseas markets and win the favor and choice of more global users.

Wuhu Daily reporter Zhao Dandan