BYD Tang DM reappears that the speed is out of control and the brakes are ineffective!

China Quality News Network (reported by Shi Jianyi in Shanghai, Rolling) On the evening of October 11th, 2019, China Quality News Network received a complaint from Shanghai. The complainant Mr. Fang said that his BYD Tang DM was out of control-engine failure alarm, unreasonable acceleration of the vehicle, failure to brake properly, etc. These complaints made China Quality News Network realize that this may be similar to several complaints that BYD’s new energy vehicles were out of control. "Now the fault can be reproduced, but I don’t know how to photograph it more professionally." Mr Fang told China Quality News Network on the phone. The failure involved the safe use of products, so China Quality News Network immediately decided to "run at night" in Shanghai.

Mr. Fang’s BYD Tang DM Photography Rolling

It’s heart-pounding! Mysterious automatic acceleration and braking efficiency reduction

On the morning of October 13th, we met the complainant Mr Fang and his BYD Tang DM in Shanghai. Mr. Fang told us that on October 7 this year, when he was driving a vehicle at a speed of 60km/h to 80km/h, the engine fault light suddenly lit up. At this time, Mr. Fang tried to slow down and check the condition of the car, but when he stepped on the brake, the engine speed rose sharply with the strength of stepping on the brake pedal. The sudden abnormal situation made Mr. Fang feel that the vehicle could not stop, and it was only after repeated attempts to "brake" that the danger was saved.

The next day, Mr. Fang found that the vehicle failure appeared again, and then he realized the seriousness of the problem. Subsequently, Mr. Fang drove the vehicle to the 4S shop for testing, and the maintenance technician of the shop gave the test result of "a part of the throttle control failed". However, on the construction documents issued by the 4S shop for the car on the day presented by Mr. Fang, the maintenance technician did not record this test result.

On October 9, the 4S shop issued a repair order for Mr. Fang, but the words "a part of the throttle control needs to be replaced" described by the maintenance technician were not seen.

Restoring the vehicle out of control, the thrilling scene is staged again.

Considering that there are certain risks in the fault test, China Quality News Network and Mr. Fang started the vehicle fault test with Mr. Fang when there were almost no pedestrians and vehicles on the road in the morning.

Mr. Fang led the staff to drive the vehicle into the road just now. The intervention of the engine made the engine fault light on the dashboard of the vehicle light up, and the instrument prompted "Please check the engine system". Subsequently, Mr. Fang stepped on the brake pedal deeply, and the engine speed suddenly climbed from about 1600 rpm to about 2500 rpm. With the huge roar, the speed did not drop significantly. Mr. Fang could only slow down by repeatedly "braking" for a long time. Surprised, Mr. Fang told China Quality News Network: This is not the core fault of the vehicle he encountered.

After a short rest, we decided to start the vehicle again. Then, a more thrilling scene appeared-when Mr. Fang started the vehicle again, the alarm information on the dashboard remained the same. At this time, Mr. Fang did not step on any pedal, and the vehicle began to accelerate to 60km/h automatically, and the engine speed also rose rapidly from about 1200 rpm to about 2300 rpm, accompanied by a huge engine roar. At this time, Mr. Fang stepped on the brake pedal heavily, and the engine speed continued to climb to about 2500 rpm, and the vehicle speed decreased slightly from 60 km/h. When Mr. Fang released the brake pedal and didn’t step on it (throttle or brake), the speed began to climb again. It was only after Mr. Fang clicked the brakes several times that the speed returned to below 40 km/h. At this time, the engine is turned off after the vehicle is switched to EV pure electric mode. After the vehicle stopped, Mr. Fang said that this "automatic acceleration" phenomenon was the core of the car’s out-of-control problem. He found out on the Internet that BYD vehicles were not alone in this phenomenon, and he was really scared at this time! "This car is like a cow. Once it is crazy, it is difficult to control …" Mr. Fang said with a vibrato.

Video commentary: From the beginning of the video to the 40th second, Mr. Fang’s right foot did not operate the brake and accelerator pedal of the vehicle, but the speed of the vehicle continued to climb from 38km/h to 60 km/h. The 29th second of the video shows that the car is driving on a flat road. From the 41st second, Mr. Fang stepped on the brake pedal with his right foot and the vehicle began to slow down.

After the vehicle stopped, we got off and observed a large amount of reddish-brown powder attached to the four wheels and tires of the vehicle, which attracted our attention. After careful inspection, such powder adheres more to the brake caliper. How did this phenomenon come about? Does it indicate the abnormal wear of the braking system caused by the simultaneous action of braking force and traction force during the driving process? Further judgment needs to be confirmed by experts with technical means.

Technical expert: It has technical reference value for the causes of previous accidents.

After experiencing a terrible experience with Mr. Fang, the staff of China Quality News Network immediately sent the test video to technical expert Wan Chunlei, asking him to analyze the vehicle-related problems. Wan Chunlei said: The problems occurred in Mr. Fang’s vehicle involved the electronic control system. During the running of the vehicle, the ECU (engine control unit) did not effectively collect the action signals of the brake and accelerator pedals, and the brake priority device did not work. Secondly, the fault of vehicle electronic control system is difficult to be solved by the existing third-party technical force. At present, faults of electronic control system are high in the mechanical field, and the occurrence of such faults is irregular. Usually, it is necessary to replace the electronic control system assembly instead of discrete electronic components to solve the problem.

At the same time, Wan Chunlei said that referring to the experience of automobile companies in developed countries in developing automobile hybrid systems, especially plug-in hybrid systems, the relevant electronic control systems are very complicated, and BYD needs to pay attention to the problems in electronics and electronic control.

Lawyers, technical experts and car owners will jointly file a lawsuit against BYD.

After interviewing and testing Mr. Fang’s vehicle failure, China Quality News Network contacted Ms. Zhou, the owner of BYD in Xi ‘an, and the family of Mr. Zhang, the taxi driver of BYD in Lanzhou, to learn about the progress of the incident so far.

On the afternoon of April 23, 2019, after Ms. Zhou of Xi ‘an lost control in driving BYD Tang DM, China Quality News Network issued investigation reports twice. After the report was issued, BYD never responded positively. Ms. Zhou’s lover told us that the traffic police brigade of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has determined that Ms. Zhou is fully responsible and submitted it to the procuratorate for arrest. However, in view of many doubts such as abnormal and missing data in the incident, no institution has given a technical explanation.

The family of Mr. Zhang, the driver of BYD e6 taxi in Lanzhou, told us that Mr. Zhang was judged to have caused the accident by misoperation. At present, Mr. Zhang has recovered from the coma caused by a serious traffic accident, but he has completely lost his language and mobility, and he needs to be accompanied for 24 hours. However, Mr. Zhang’s relatives simply can’t see any hope of helping the owner solve the problem.

The abnormal situation that Ms. Zhou once stated to China Quality News Network is very similar to that of Mr. Fang’s vehicle, but under what circumstances can Mr. Zhang, as a taxi driver, lead to "misoperation"? Because he lost his language ability, he could not restore the incident as a party, and the vehicle was seriously damaged, which brought great difficulties to finding the cause of the accident. Now, although Mr. Fang’s vehicle has similar faults, it has not caused traffic accidents and is in good condition. On this basis, China Quality News Network decided that joint lawyers and technical experts should initiate public interest litigation against this case, and this decision was supported by Shanghai Huaxia Huihong Law Firm, automotive technical experts and users themselves.

When talking about the original intention and significance of launching this lawsuit, they told China Quality News Network:

Lawyer: It is of great significance to the judgment of responsibility for similar accidents and public safety.

We consulted Wang Nana, the legal adviser of this website and lawyer of Shanghai Huaxia Huihong Law Firm, about the vehicle failure complained by Mr. Fang and the possible harm. Lawyer Wang said: "The phenomenon that the car is out of control during driving not only threatens the driver’s own safety, but also endangers public safety." Lawyer Wang further emphasized that "once Mr. Fang’s out-of-control vehicle problem enters the litigation stage, it can not only protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owner to the maximum extent. At the same time, after the final cause of the out-of-control problem is investigated, it will provide a reference for other related cases to judge the accident. At the same time, it lays a foundation for promoting the perfection and perfection of laws and regulations related to new energy vehicles. This will play an important role in the establishment and perfection of the laws related to new energy vehicles, which are still blank in China at present. Although the automobile litigation case involves many technical problems, it is a difficult lawsuit. However, based on the above considerations, we are willing to represent Mr. Fang’s lawsuit and it is a public interest lawsuit. "

Technical expert Wan Chunlei: The technical restoration of Mr. Fang’s vehicle problem has great reference value for exploring the loss of control of related vehicles.

Recently, BYD’s new energy vehicles have been out of control. The restoration of the problems mentioned by Mr. Fang on our trip can confirm the cause of the failure through technical means, which will have certain reference value for the truth search of the out-of-control problems exposed by related models in many places across the country.

Owner: I want to seek justice for car owners all over the country.

Mr. Fang said to the staff that he was willing to file a lawsuit with the vehicle: "At first, I just hoped that BYD could completely solve the problem. Now I hope that through this case, I can help other car owners who have similar faults, but there is no way to prove that they have no problems in operation. I don’t want money, but I hope BYD will take seriously the major safety technical hidden dangers of vehicles for the safety of the majority of car owners and passers-by. "