BYD logo uses Qin, Tang and Song, what’s the meaning?

In today’s society, I believe many people are very familiar with cars. Every brand of cars has a standard, that is, an unchanging logo. But there is such a brand, although it changes the logo back and forth, everyone still puts these kinds of cars under a brand name, that is BYD! BYD logo uses Qin, Tang and Song, what’s the meaning?

I believe everyone should be very clear about this car. At present, the sales volume in China is still very good, and it is also the only car brand with China named after Chinese characters in the automobile field. But have you understood why this idea came into being and what each word represents? Today, Xiaobian will take you to find out!

Undeniably, the core technology of automobiles is still relatively mature for foreigners, but I believe that in the near future, China will also master it. In the past few years, four models, including Qin, Tang, Song and Yuan, have been launched, and there will be more different logos in the future. Qin is the first plug-in hybrid sedan named after the Chinese dynasty, everyone.

"Tang" logo is a medium-sized SUV launched in 2015, which has produced a powerful concept of "dual-mode, three-engine and four-wheel drive". The power system is also very good, and it can be comparable to millions of cars in performance. Those who have seen the history should also know that in the history of China, the Tang Dynasty was the most prosperous period, which also expressed the reform once again and successfully occupied the C position!

The "Song" logo, representing a compact SUV of his, currently has a lot of styles, including fuel, pure electricity and, of course, plug-in hybrid, representing these three models. In the history of China, the Song Dynasty was also very prosperous, so it is very reasonable to use the word "Song" to represent these three models!

This "dynasty" is a qualitative leap from anywhere. I believe that in the near future, China cars will definitely impress the world’s friends and businessmen, make China people more and more confident, and create a powerful Chinese dream! What’s the meaning of using Qin, Tang and Song as car logos? That’s all for today. Don’t forget to like your friends!