Betta established the first "online celebrity Party Branch" in China to strengthen grassroots party building.

(The leaders of Hubei Provincial Network Information Office and Hubei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department awarded the flag to online celebrity Party Branch)

After the establishment of Betta "online celebrity Party Branch", the first themed Party Day was held with the theme of "Give full play to party member’s vanguard and exemplary role in spreading positive energy in the live webcast". Hubei Network Information Office organized the leaders of party building work of major commercial websites and Internet companies in Hubei Province to attend the establishment ceremony of Betta’s "online celebrity Party Branch", and observed and learned the advanced experience and practices of Betta’s party building work.

Yuan Gang, secretary of the CPC Wuhan Betta Party Committee, said that webcasting is a popular new form of communication in recent years. The webcasting platform is not only a platform for entertainment, interaction and information dissemination between network anchors and fans, but also a new position of public opinion. While giving full play to the basic functions of this platform and position to serve netizens, how to adhere to the tone of positive, healthy and upward, and constantly spread positive energy is an urgent problem for the webcast platform. Betta Fish, as one of the largest and most influential webcasting platforms in China, has nearly 30,000 online anchors and 30 million online viewers every day, so it should shoulder the social responsibility of producing and spreading positive energy. The purpose of establishing "online celebrity Party Branch" is to organize our party member network anchor, lead a serious and standardized organizational life and carry out colorful organizational activities according to party constitution’s requirements, and at the same time, highlight party member’s identity, clearly convey the voice of the party and spread the positive energy of society in the live webcast activities.Link:On June 22nd, anchor online celebrity of Positive Energy introduced water friends to Zhang Wenchang, a good film policeman in Optics Valley. Behind these honors, Zhang Wenchang’s dedication, meticulous service and down-to-earth innovation day and night, more than 500,000 people watched the two-hour live broadcast, and fought fish in DouYu’s Positive Energy section.