Xingyue L debut, Geely pokes the weakness of the joint venture car.

The decline in sales volume is the inevitable result of the pain of transformation.

Without a continuous upward enterprise, stop-and-go is the only way for an enterprise to succeed. Four years ago, China’s sales volume was overtaken by HONDA, which led the automobile market for seven years and lost China, the largest market.

For Zhang Nan at that time, this downward trend can be called a strategic downward trend. It is definitely not to shrink back when the warriors fight, but to make a better attack.

From January to May this year, 530,000 new car sales were completed, a year-on-year increase of 26%.

Behind the year-on-year increase of 26%, it was based on the fact that the auto market pressed the pause button in the first half of 2020. In the same period of 2019, the sales volume of 560,000 new cars was completed.

It is an objective fact that after two years, it will not advance but retreat, and it will lose a certain market share.

In the past two years, in the layout of larger transformation actions and technical structure, like a warrior at halftime, the speed and strength of the attack were adjusted. After running with and for many years, the giant announced the end of the last race after running out of better sales, share and technical achievements.

The last race ended with an annual sales of 1.5 million new cars.

However, there are always some unsatisfactory results, such as lower average vehicle price and outdated product technical performance, which make it necessary to upgrade in an all-round way. On the one hand, it is necessary to refine brand value, on the other hand, it is necessary to comprehensively iterate vehicle technology.

Cutting off the entry-level models, such as King Kong and Vision, is to improve the layout of products that are too big to fail and make room for the production of new product matrix.

The exit of entry-level hot-selling models will inevitably lead to a violent shock in sales volume, which is the root of the decline in sales volume in the past two years. Under this fundamental change, it is necessary to focus on shaping new models and new images through the pattern changes, capacity changes and energy changes reserved for the exit of old models.

Up, became the main strategy.

It is not an easy task for China’s independent brands to complete the upward movement of their brands. In addition to perfecting the product value, they should also shape better brand value and product form, and cooperate with the after-sales service of dealers and the image of new stores, so as to lay a deep market foundation in time.

In terms of technical form, through the two platforms of BMA and CMA, all models are comprehensively iterated, and the data feedback shows that the CMA platform has produced more than 550,000 models, which has created an excellent reputation in the market, and at the same time provided personnel impetus, technical impetus, low-cost impetus and improved industrial chain impetus for the layout of new models.

Based on this new technology form, a new platform architecture product era has been laid out. ?

In terms of car system, there will be two sections, one is to build new value within 100,000 yuan based on BMA architecture, and the other is to build brand based on CMA architecture.

Emgrand was born on the brand-new BMA platform, and will expel the old and sturdy joint venture entry-level models. LaVida, Sylphy, Yinglang and other few models that can still be bought within 100,000 yuan are bound to be kicked out of the market within three years.

The brand-new CMA platform born by Xingrui will enhance the brand value with better design, better sense of science and technology and completely different control, power and quality advantages, and ensure the steady progress of the brand upward plan step by step by controlling production capacity and improving marketing height.

It can be seen that the market within 80,000 will be ceded in the future, and this market that is difficult to make profits and create effective brand value will be handed over to other enterprises.

In the SUV market, it will be ceded within 100,000 yuan, and a new product matrix oriented by CMA is coming to the ground. As a heavy model of CMA architecture, the appearance of Xingyue L will rely on the product positioning with large size, high value and excellent handling value to ensure that the main models can return to the hot market.

With higher price and stronger technology, Xingyue L aims at a 150,000-class joint venture SUV.

Judging from the current product status, equipped with a brand-new 2.0T engine and the mainstream AT gearbox in the industry, relying on CMA architecture will provide a higher-end market share for this higher-priced model.

In fact, in today’s "Ji-Wo integration", it can enjoy the opportunity advantage that other independent brands can’t enjoy. After ten years of gestation, it has become a super matrix and can play with new technologies and new designs in the system. The Drive-E series engine has more surging power and better NVH, and its somatosensory performance will far exceed that of many joint venture vehicles.

In particular, it should be noted that the main model of this era is not an ordinary joint venture vehicle in a strict sense, and its product technical structure, supply chain system and quality control standards have even surpassed many joint venture brands.

Well, let’s go back to consumption.

For the user group, 150,000 yuan is a very embarrassing price range. It is difficult for independent brands to have models that people are willing to spend by credit card. It is difficult for technical costs and design advantages to support consumers’ value thinking of "why choose the head of a chicken", and it is difficult to choose "phoenix tail" in this budget.

A minimum with Qijun also needs 160,000.

150,000 yuan, what hurts Xingyue L is a market segment where joint venture cars don’t want to lower their bodies and their own brands can’t rise. For the user groups, this price is very suitable. What is more suitable is that they have the ability to easily convince the user groups and dispel their idea of "why spend 150,000 yuan to buy domestic cars".

Because objectively speaking, the models of this era are no longer ordinary domestic cars. They have the technical strength and strategic demands that can be in line with the world. From consumption to feelings, such models are hard to be abandoned by the market.

As for the joint venture models, the appearance of Xingyue L has undoubtedly hurt their market. As usual, foreign brands that can win by lying flat will feel the breaking power of China’s own brands.

At this time, we can see that those who have a higher plan and a longer-term layout for overseas markets, foreign brands and consumer demands have gone far. His demands are no longer involution competition, but hitting and robbing multinational enterprises’ markets is probably the goal.