Financial resources empower advantageous enterprises, and Shanghai Changning has many "dry goods" in this conference.

On March 27th, Changning District, Shanghai held a special conference on the high-quality development of financial empowerment "specialized and innovative" and "high-tech" enterprises and Shanghai’s "specialized and innovative" special board Changning, in which more than 60 enterprises including Baiyang Pharmaceutical and Nonferrous Network participated. This is the first district-level activity after the launch of Shanghai’s "Specialization and Innovation" special board and stock option comprehensive service pilot.

With the theme of financial empowerment, this conference aims to give full play to the supporting role of financial instruments and financial products, provide enterprises with a better and more perfect financial service system, and further promote the accurate docking of financial resources and advantageous enterprises.

At the event site, the District Commercial Committee and the District Science and Technology Committee respectively interpreted the SME support policies, key service orientation, scientific and technological innovation support policies and service systems.

Dongjiu Xinyi Group introduced the first phase "Life Yuanshan" project of Dahongqiao Life Science Innovation Center. Changning Sub-branch of Shanghai Bank analyzes the characteristic product system of Kechuang Finance, which can provide full-life financial services for technology-based enterprises. Shanghai Stock Exchange Information Network Co., Ltd. introduced the digital listing service of Star Enterprise Airlines. As a brand of digital public service for enterprises listed by Shanghai Stock Exchange, Star Enterprise Airlines can provide one-stop and authoritative information service for listed companies to raise funds or issue bonds in China.

Haitong Securities explained the capitalization path selection of "specialized and innovative" enterprises under the background of comprehensive registration system, and said that it would play a good role as an intermediary in the capital market and continuously improve the service capacity of the real economy. Shanghai Stock Exchange Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. interprets the service policy of Shanghai’s "specialized and innovative" specialized board enterprises, saying that it will further play the role of "Taki" and "nursery" in the multi-level capital market of Shanghai Stock Exchange Center, and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy.

In recent years, Changning District has gathered and cultivated a number of high-quality enterprises with strong industry influence and outstanding development prospects. Up to now, there are 385 "innovative" enterprises, 181 municipal-level "specialized and innovative" enterprises and 13 national-level "small giant" enterprises in the whole region, ranking among the top in the central city, and the contribution of regional economy is constantly improving.

With the release of "Building a Business Environment in Changning District Version 7.0" and a new round of policies to promote high-quality development, in the next step, Changning will rely on the joint meeting of regional service enterprises, give full play to their respective resource advantages through horizontal coordination and policy guidance, promote the construction of gradient cultivation system for high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises in the whole region, continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of enterprise services, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of "specialization and novelty" and "high-tech" development to create a new engine for high-quality development of regional economy.

The activity was jointly organized by the District Commercial Committee, the District Science and Technology Commission, Donghong Office, Chengjiaqiao Street, Xinjing Town, Shanghai Stock Exchange Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. and Puxi Branch of Shanghai Bank Co., Ltd., with strong support from Life Yuanshan, SSE Information, District Enterprise Association, District technology and finance Service Station and Haitong Securities.

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On March 25th, the pilot of Shanghai Specialized Special New Special Board Opening and Stock Option Comprehensive Service was launched. Shanghai’s "Specialization and Innovation" special board, mainly through mobilizing the financial resources of regional equity market, enhances the ability of multi-level capital market to serve science and technology enterprises, and strives to provide strong support for building a new development pattern and realizing high-quality economic development, thus realizing the national strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology.

The picture comes from Shanghai Shanggujiao Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

Written by Li Songnan

Source: WeChat WeChat official account "Shanghai Changning"

Original title: "Financial resources empower advantageous enterprises! Changning has more "dry goods" in this conference.