M9 won the "Smart Car of the Year 2024", and 27 awards recorded the process of China’s automobile intelligence.



  The 8th "Annual Smart Car Selection" ushered in the explosive year of the application of smart car new technology. China local brands and start-ups won a great victory in this selection. Smart car network and the selection organizing committee said that in the high involution, China automobile basically completed the industrial upgrading to electrification and intelligence, and a new industrial cycle was coming. In a slightly pessimistic atmosphere about the future, the 27 awards in the smart car selection in 2024 not only show the new pattern of China’s automobile market, but also indicate that an optimistic automobile new decade is about to open.


  The second half of the competition for intelligent electric vehicles in China has begun, and intelligent driving is becoming the core competence of the new generation of vehicles. On January 24th, the award ceremony of "2024 Smart Car Selection" initiated and hosted by Zhijia.com was held in Beijing Ai ‘en Art Center. A total of 26 sub-awards, including model award, technology award and brand award, were awarded, and the final prize was — — The award of "Smart Car of the Year 2024" was won by M9.

  The finalists of this year’s selection include cars, SUVs and MPVs, covering all market levels from home, sports to high-end.

  Wenjie M9 was recognized by the judges for its interactive and efficient intelligent cockpit, safe and reliable handling performance, smooth and stable urban and high-speed navigation and intelligent driving performance. Huawei’s strategy of empowering the automobile industry with technology is producing positive effects in the China market, which has aroused great concern in the industry.

  01. China local brands have achieved overwhelming advantages.

  After eight years of development, the "annual smart car selection" ushered in a full-scale outbreak of intelligent driving technology this year.

  This year’s "Smart Car Selection" is the one with the highest content of "electricity" and "smart driving". All the finalists are equipped with L2-level smart driving function, while the local brands in China have achieved overwhelming advantages. Only three overseas brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Cars and FAW Toyota, won the prize in a total of 27 awards.

  In terms of technology and brand, all the awards were won by local enterprises in China. A typical example is Geely Group, and its six brands of models, Galaxy, Krypton, Extremely Yue, Extremely Star, Volvo and Lotus, have won relevant awards, which has never appeared in previous selection. This is in line with the strong rise of China automobile brands, which firmly occupies 50% of the China market.

  In view of these new features,The annual smart car selection has achieved three breakthroughs in the setting of awards:

  First, break the boundary between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles;

  2. Breaking the boundary between joint venture brand and independent brand;

  Third, breaking the boundaries between luxury brands and ordinary brands. .

  All models are examined and evaluated by the jury and professional media people under the same dimension and standard, and scored in three dimensions: intelligent driving ability of vehicles, interactive experience between people and vehicles and quality of cars.

  On the specific evaluation scene, the selection organizing committee selected 21 models from the nearly 90 models preliminarily shortlisted for live evaluation on real urban roads and professional venues, covering all the high-end smart driving models with urban navigation function currently on sale.

  Among the 21 models participating in the offline evaluation, 20 models have adaptive cruise function, of which 10 models have high-speed navigation function, 5 models have urban navigation function, 14 models have automatic parking function and 3 models have parking function. After the strategic cooperation between Zhijia. com and Yizhuang Base of the National Intelligent Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone was started last year, this year, the intelligent driving classification test with more professional methods and richer scenes was carried out, and the real road evaluation of cross-brand adaptive cruise, urban NOA and high-speed NOA was carried out at Beijing East Third Ring Road to Daxing Airport respectively.

  At the same time, the memory parking test is added to the automatic parking test. In addition, with the escalation of the AEB war of words, the AEB test was especially resumed in the annual smart car selection. Among the 21 models, 8 models have practical AEB emergency braking avoidance function, but there were three collisions and one accident in the whole evaluation process. AEB test is still the most dangerous test for the current smart driving evaluation.

  After a month’s selection, the organizing committee of "Looking for an Emotional Travel Companion" in 2024 issued all the awards in Beijing. It is a pity that the two awards of annual smart driving App and annual smart driving application are vacant. Compared with previous years, the finalists of these two awards lack exciting options.

  In addition, as the most pioneering and cutting-edge awards in the annual smart car selection, technology and brand awards have also received extensive attention. In 2024, Zhijia Technology was awarded to Drive GPT of Mimo Zhixing, which is the first big model in the field of intelligent driving; The Apollo City Driving Maxc of Baidu Apollo, which won the annual intelligent driving system, is providing a high-order and low-cost intelligent driving scheme other than lidar in China market with its pure visual route of BEV+Transformers+OCC, which will greatly speed up the mass production of NOA in China. Horizon, which was awarded the annual smart driving company, has already become a company that can’t be ignored in China’s smart driving industry chain.

  These changes in China’s automobile market and the emergence of new technologies and brands in the industrial chain have had a great impact on the "annual smart car selection". The above 27 awards can be said to have left a historical manuscript for the intelligentization of China’s automobile industry.

  02. Smart driving has become the main option for new consumers in China to buy cars.

  At the award ceremony, An Qingheng, director of the China Automobile Industry Advisory Committee, said: "The advantages of Chinese brands mainly focus on the fields of electrification and intelligence. Through the hard work and technical research of various enterprises, the intelligent driving level of the automobile industry is getting higher and higher, and the transformation from functional cars to smart cars is accelerating. Nowadays, the smart driving function has finally become a major consideration option for the new generation of consumers in China to buy a car. "

  In 2023, the automobile market pattern in China has changed greatly. The market penetration rate of new energy vehicles in December is up to 40%, and the annual average penetration rate has exceeded 30%. The market share of China’s own brand passenger cars has been firmly stabilized at over 50%, and among all the models sold, new energy vehicles have reached 49.9%.

  An Qingheng said, "I witnessed the eight-year growth of the annual smart car, eight years ago, ‘ Zhijia ’ It is still an introduction to freshmen. In 2020, Jia from Zhijia.com put forward ‘ Meet smart cars ’ It seems common now, but it still needs courage and deep insight into the future to put it forward at that time. Today, the development of China’s automobile industry has verified this judgment. " He emphasized that the intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving system have become a "business card" for Chinese brands.

  Fu Yuwu, honorary chairman of the China Society of Automotive Engineering, said: "As the third generation of China autobots, Elderly and I didn’t expect that in 2023, with fierce competition, China would achieve an unprecedented breakthrough in production and sales of 30 million vehicles with the export of nearly 5 million vehicles. We are very pleased that this achievement was realized in the 70th anniversary of China automobile industry. "He said," Minister Miao has put forward three criteria for becoming a world automobile power: having the world’s top automobile groups, having China’s core technologies and products that are widely used, and having a large overseas market. Today, it is no longer a dream for China to become a world automobile power. At present, China has formed a relatively complete intelligent networked automobile technology chain, including automatic driving system integration, lidar, control decision algorithm, AI chip, intelligent cockpit, C— Major breakthroughs have been made in independent research and development of key technologies such as V2X and North Guide Positioning. China’s intelligent networked vehicles have gradually formed a trend of running side by side with the international market in terms of technology research and development, product application, test demonstration and industrial ecology. "

  Lynn Yang, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch, said: "The annual smart car selection has entered the eighth session. After years of accumulation and precipitation, it has become the mainstream selection for evaluating new cars. Intelligent network connection and intelligent driving function are no longer the bonus items of a car, but the mainstream configuration and core selling point to attract consumers in China. There is a popular judgment in the industry, the first half of competition — — Electrification has ended, and the intelligent competition in the second half has just begun. The annual smart car selection is the advanced road of China automobile, leaving an annual record and historical manuscript. 90% of the awards awarded this time went to local brands in China, which is a reward for China Autobots to focus on technological innovation. “

  But at the same time, she said, "A big test for China brand in the future is how to transform itself from a local enterprise into a global automobile group. China automobile will inevitably encounter more and more complicated challenges, such as competitors, intellectual property rights, tariffs, market access, legal disputes and so on. At a time when China’s automobiles are becoming stronger and stronger, we should be more humble, attract world capital with a more open market, and let different market players compete freely with more flexible policies. "

  At the award ceremony, Jia Hongbing, the producer of Zhijia.com, delivered a keynote speech entitled "2024: Adult Ceremony of China Cars and Smart Cars Entering No Man’s Land". He said: "The China market has become the source of automotive innovation in the world, and smart cars are not the product of China’s characteristic market. The development trend of smart cars driven by consumers in China will become the common choice of consumers all over the world. China is expected to complete the full electrification of the automobile industry before all countries in the world, and it is expected to launch a global operating system for vehicles in a broad sense before all countries in the world, and it is expected to take the lead in unmanned commercialization in major cities across the country. "

  "Although every autobot was deeply tired and anxious in the past year, China Automobile completed its industrial upgrading in such a deep involution." He stressed: "Although 2024 is called the year of elimination, 2024 is the beginning of a new cycle, and a new and optimistic ten-year new cycle of automobiles is coming soon. All this stems from the fact that China’s super-large automobile market has given China an historic opportunity to switch tracks. As long as this market exists, globalization will exist and a free and prosperous world will always exist. “

  03.   2024 smart car selection vehicle Type award list

  Smart car in 2024 — — Wen Jie M9

  Smart home car in 2024 — — Zero run C01

  Intelligent sports car in 2024 — — Nezha GT

  Smart fashion car in 2024 — — Yinhe E8

  Smart and comfortable car in 2024 — — Extreme krypton 007

  Smart high-end car in 2024 — — New Mercedes-Benz long wheelbase E-Class car

  2024 Smart City SUV— — Xinlantu FREE

  2024 Smart Sports SUV— — Zhiji LS6

  Smart fashion SUV in 2024 & mdash; — Polar star 4

  Intelligent off-road SUV in 2024 & mdash; — Jietu traveler

  Intelligent high-end SUV in 2024 & mdash; — Lotus ELETRE

  Intelligent MPV in 2024 & mdash; — Volvo EM90

  Smart pickup truck in 2024 — — Jiangling boulevard

  Looking forward to smart SUV in 2024 & mdash; — FAW Toyota brand new Prado

  Looking forward to smart MPV in 2024 & mdash; — Ideality MEGA

  Looking forward to smart cars in 2024 — — Xiaomi SU7

  04.  Winners of 2024 Smart Car Selection Technology and Brand Category

  Smart driving technology in 2024 — — Hao mo zhi hang DriveGPT

  Intelligent cabin system in 2024 — — Tucki XOS Tianji cockpit system

  Intelligent driving system in 2024 — — Baidu Apollo City Driving Max

  Intelligent cockpit in 2024 — — Jiyue 01

  Intelligent driving companion in 2024 — — Jiyue intelligent AI partner SIMO

  Smart Factory in 2024 — — Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Liyang base

  2024 Smart Driving Brand — — Li Auto

  Smart driving company in 2024 — — horizon

  Intelligent driving design in 2024 — — Aouita 12

  Smart energy in 2024 — — Jie neng zhi Dian

  Smart Travel Enterprises in 2024 — — Ruqi travel