Yi Sifang and Yunqi -P double swords combine together, looking up to U8′ s performance comparable to that of tanks?

Original title: Yi Sifang and Yunqi -P double swords combine together, looking up to U8′ s performance comparable to that of tanks?

In the military field, the tank has always been a heavy weapon in modern land operations, and it has the reputation of "king of land warfare", which can gallop between various complex landforms and assist the army in tackling key battles. Recently, the video of looking up at the U8 with the main battle tank has been circulated on the Internet, and this model is also called "tank version car" on the Internet. As a million-level high-end new energy hard-core off-road company, U8 has two core technologies: Easy Sifang and Yunqi -P system, which has gained wide attention with its surging power and all-terrain passing ability. So, what are the similarities between U8 and tanks?

Yi Sifang blessing, looking up to U8 maximum power exceeds 1100 horses.

First of all, looking up at U8 has super power comparable to the main battle tank. In the secret arsenal of U8 core technology, the first "sharp weapon" is the easy Sifang technology platform-the core power source of the whole vehicle is composed of four motors. The maximum power of a single motor reaches 220kW, the maximum power output of the whole vehicle exceeds 1,100 horsepower, and the fastest acceleration time per 100 kilometers is only 3.6s The power is quite outstanding. Moreover, the power advantage of U8 as a new energy vehicle is quite obvious. Without the "fetter" of the gearbox, it can directly output large torque, and the continuous output of strong power is also very smooth, which is suitable for driving in various off-road environments.

The main battle tank’s first capability is also a strong performance. At present, the third-generation main battle tanks, represented by German Leopard II and China 99A, all have 1,500 horsepower, which can achieve stronger maneuverability and terrain coverage and complete fast pursuit operations. Looking up at U8 is not only comparable to the main battle tank in performance, but also has a maximum climbing degree of 45 degrees, which is even stronger than the maximum climbing degree of 35 degrees of the tank, and it is easy to climb over obstacles in outdoor complex road conditions. It is worth mentioning that looking up at the "Desert Everest" Bilutu Peak, where U8 has successfully climbed to the top at an altitude of 1,611 meters and the slope of some summit sections is as high as 45 degrees, it intuitively reflects the climbing ability brought by continuous strong power output.

Not only that, looking up at U8, each motor can control each wheel independently, so as to realize the driving, braking, forward and backward of a single wheel, so that the vehicle has super body posture adjustment ability, and then realize scene functions such as in-situ U-turn, agile steering, and extreme handling stability. Taking the U-turn in situ as an example, the main battle tank can drive in the opposite direction by controlling the tracks on both sides, and rotate 180 degrees in situ without changing the position of the tank in situ. Looking up at U8, however, by adding driving torque in opposite directions to the wheels on the left and right sides of the vehicle, the tire will break through the limit of road slip and rotate, and at the same time, the vehicle will rotate around the center of mass, thus realizing the in-situ U-turn. In contrast, the U-8′ s in-situ U-turn is more accurate than the tank, and it can choose any angle, and it doesn’t pick the road, and it’s not a problem to attach the road surface to the ground.

Cloud chariot -P is energized, and the height, stiffness and damping of U8 can be adjusted.

Secondly, looking up at U8, with the all-terrain passability, it can also travel in various complex landforms like a main battle tank. In actual combat, the tank mainly increases the contact area with the ground through the crawler to ensure that it will not lose power and thus get out of trouble. And the core technology that makes Wangwang U8 have strong passability, in addition to the easy four directions, there is also a cloud -P intelligent hydraulic body control system. This is a set of intelligent vertical body control system including perception layer, decision-making layer and execution layer, which can realize the simultaneous independent adjustment of height, stiffness and damping, and can cooperate with lateral and longitudinal body control to realize 3-to-6-degree-of-freedom body control.

With the blessing of Yunqi -P, the total adjustment stroke of U8 suspension can reach 150mm, and the maximum wading depth of luxury version without wading throat can reach 1 meter, and it can realize three-level stiffness adjustment and continuous adaptive damping adjustment, which can cope with different road conditions through rapid and intelligent adjustment. At the same time, it is hoped that U8 has the function of four-wheel linkage. When a single wheel is trapped, it can realize "one wheel is in trouble, three wheels support", which greatly improves the passability of vehicles and can easily and smoothly pass through off-road sections such as rocky roads, ups and downs and steep slopes, and cannonball pits.

In addition, the Yunqi -P system is also equipped with a unique "one-button leveling" mode in mainstream off-road vehicles of the same class, which can independently control the height of four wheels through the attitude control module, so that the plane of the car body and the gravity direction is always vertical, thus realizing the horizontal inside of the car, satisfying the normal rest and entertainment of users in the car when camping in the wild, and not being disturbed by the terrain.

From a technical point of view, Lookup U8 is built based on Lookup Architecture, which covers six core technologies, namely, Easy Square, Cloud, Blade Battery, Super Body, Intelligent Cockpit and Intelligent Driving Assist. It has carried out the deepest integration and innovation relying on system vertical integration and technical collaboration, and has the top technical strength. Through technical analysis, it is not difficult to see that looking up to U8 is called "tank car".

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