BYD will make its debut at the China Auto Show in 2024.

On April 17th, a brand-new picture was released, which will debut at the 2024 China Auto Show on April 25th.

Qin L will be sold together with the existing Qin PLUS to meet different consumer preferences, and the starting price may be more than 120,000 yuan.

Qin L’s design combines the so-called "modern loong aesthetics", which is characterized by a large grille decorated with matrix patterns, with striking visual impact. Headlights are smooth and sharp, and blend seamlessly with the upward curved "dragon beard", which enhances the multi-level appearance of the front face of the car and expands its visual width.

Viewed from the side, the car shows a long waistline extending from the front fender to the back door, creating a slim body. The concave lines on the door complement each other, adding a sense of sculpture and highlighting the strength of the car. It also adopts a fast back design, giving it a youthful and sporty posture.

At the rear of the car, the wide shoulder design echoes the front of the car, adding a sense of muscle to the outline of the car. Through taillight design, inspired by Chinese knots, enhances its recognition. In terms of dimensions, the length is 4,830mm× width is 1,900mm× height is 1,495mm, and the wheelbase is 2,790mm. In contrast, the current Qin PLUS is slightly smaller.

As for the hood, Qin L will be equipped with a 1.5L and motor system, adopting the 5th generation DM-i hybrid technology. The peak output power of the engine is 74kW, while the output power of the engine is as high as 160kW. Equipped with FinDreams battery, it provides 15.874kWh and 10.08kWh, and the battery-powered cruising range is 90km and 60km respectively.