"Hot Search" Guangzhou Roadshow Xin Yukun: Help more people with the Internet

1905 movie network news The films starring the directors, actors and actresses were officially released, which became a warm current at the end of the year. Yesterday, the national roadshow of "Hot Search" and "Sound All the Way" returned to the place where the film was born: Guangzhou. Director Xin Yukun, actors Justin and Zhong Chenyao came to the roadshow to communicate with the audience face to face. After watching the movie, the audience enthusiastically expressed their love for the film, saying that the film "deeply analyzed social phenomena and vividly interpreted the cruelty of reality".

As a work focusing on online public opinion for the first time, the film sharply presents the contest between good and evil behind the hot spots. The audience said that in the Internet age, "each of us is a group performance of this film" and lamented that "the director dares to shoot and speak". Tristan, a self-media person, shared his feelings at the scene, saying that he was "very happy to see a film focusing on the reality of public opinion on the screen". The director said frankly: "I hope everyone can understand the truth behind some public opinions in a very enjoyable movie."

Volunteers of "Protecting Bud Plan" call for attention to women’s protection.

Reality resonates with the audience: touching this theme is a merit in itself.

After watching the movie, the audience praised it. "The movie pays attention to the injured weak, and also shows everyone the power of women’s mutual help, which is of great social significance." Volunteers from the "Protecting Bud Project" also came to the scene to send blessings to the film on behalf of the sisters in the mountains, hoping that the film could arouse more issues of women’s protection. "When the flowers are blooming, you and I will laugh among the bushes." Zhong Chenyao said, "I hope everyone can bloom as beautifully as flowers and live confidently and happily."

When talking about the realism of the film, the audience said that "being able to touch this theme is a merit in itself". The director admits that "one of the most original motivations for shooting this film is to see similar events in reality, which hurt some people". As a filmmaker, he hopes that through the medium of film, "more people can understand some unknown stories behind online public opinion" and bring light to the dark corner.

The audience’s experience of sharing and participating in cyber violence is thought-provoking 

The director encourages rational voice to "help more people with the Internet"

Xin Yukun, the director, dissected the confrontation between good and evil behind public opinion in a consistently sharp way, and the audience lamented that "the design and echo of many shots are intriguing". The power of public opinion presented in the film directly hit people’s hearts, and also triggered the audience’s thinking, saying that "public opinion is a weapon that hurts people and does not see blood, and everyone should be responsible for his own speech." At the scene of the road show, the audience bravely stood up and shared their experiences of participating in cyber violence, and reflected on themselves "because they were misled to participate in abuse because of their youthful spirit, they felt very embarrassed".

While thanking the audience for their brave sharing, the director also encouraged everyone to "understand the story from more levels" and help the injured people better. Justin also said that in the face of events with unknown truth, "we may need more rational judgment, and don’t make voices that only represent our emotions easily". Even if you have done snowflakes that hurt others, you can also do sparks that warm people’s hearts. The audience lamented that "the self-help and mutual rescue behind this public opinion defended not only the truth, but also everyone’s conscience."