The United States completely banned Samsung note7 mobile phones from getting on the plane.


CCTV News:On Friday, local time, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a total ban on passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration had urged passengers not to check this model, nor to charge or turn it on during the flight. This total ban will officially take effect this Saturday.

Anthony fox, the US Secretary of Transportation, said that this may bring inconvenience to some passengers, but aviation safety must be given top priority, and even a fire accident on the plane will pose a great threat to the lives of many people.

Samsung, which has completely recalled and stopped the production of this mobile phone, issued a statement in response to the latest ban, saying that they have encouraged airlines to explain the ban to passengers and said that the safety of passengers is the first priority.

On Monday, Samsung announced that it had completely suspended the production of this model, because even if some improvements were made, it could not solve the problem of overheating of mobile phones. Up to now, the amount involved in this recall has reached $5.3 billion.

Iliad Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who is in charge of investigating the Samsung mobile phone explosion, urged consumers to take the time to return the goods. So far, Samsung has suffered 96 safety accidents caused by equipment overheating in the United States, 23 of which occurred after the recall was initiated on September 15th. According to the report of the Committee, 13 accidents were caused by battery burning, and 47 accidents caused other property losses.

According to the latest flight ban, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is already a contraband in air flight. If passengers violate the ban, the mobile phone will be confiscated and fined. Similarly, if the airline personnel find someone carrying the mobile phone, they will be able to refuse the passenger to board the plane. If flight attendants find someone holding the mobile phone during the flight, they must force it to turn off, prohibit charging and use any function that may trigger automatic power-on, such as alarm. On the 5th of this month, a Samsung mobile phone suddenly smoked and then exploded in Southwest Airlines. At that time, passengers were evacuated urgently, but no one was injured. Before the promulgation of the comprehensive flight ban, many airlines began to step up training flight attendants to deal with the fire accident of electronic equipment during flight. (CCTV reporter Gao Qi)