The sales volume in the world is hot, and the ideal can’t sit still.

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  The sales of the new model M7 are so hot that the ideal of "old rival" can’t sit still.

  One month after the listing, the official of the media said that the order volume of the new media M7 "Dading" exceeded 60,000.

  When 50,000 orders were broken, Yu Chengdong, the chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, wrote in a circle of friends, "It’s not easy to come back to life …"

  Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of the international community has fallen precipitously, hovering at the tail of the new forces for several months. In January, the sales volume was only 4,475, and in February, it continued to fall by 21.8% month-on-month to less than 4,000. After a slight recovery in March, it directly fell below the 3,000-vehicle mark in April. As of September 30, the cumulative sales volume during the year was only 42,300. Among them, the sales volume of the old model M7 is even more bleak. According to the data of the Association, from January to August this year, the cumulative sales volume of the M7 was only 7,936 vehicles, and the average monthly sales volume was only 1,000.

  Based on the fact that the sales volume of the old model is not optimistic, it is reported that the previous target for the new M7 is that the order of 7000-10000 per month is successful.

  As you can imagine, the new M7 asks for 60,000 orders a month to Yu Chengdong and even.How much joy it brought.

  Emotion is also reflected in the capital market. Thanks to the popularity of M7, it closed at 85.26 yuan/share as of October 23, with a market value of over 120 billion yuan, which has been higher than.104.228 billion yuan. Before October, the closing price (September 28) was only 55.72 yuan/share.

  According to the sales notice, the pick-up cycle is about 4-10 weeks, which means that all the 60,000 orders will be delivered before the end of the year without any accident.

  Ideal can’t sit still.

  The explosion of the new M7 makes the ideal of "old rival" unable to sit still.

  "We can apply upwards to help you bear the 5,000 yuan, and we are the current car." This is the dialogue between the ideal sales and the interested customers at present. In order to "retain" users, they can even compensate them for the new M7 large deposit of 5,000 yuan.

  And has always rejected the ideal of price war, and even launched a limited-time discount of tens of thousands of yuan.Subsidies and a number of gifts are aimed at winning users.

  In June, the ideal monthly sales volume exceeded 30,000 vehicles for the first time, when Li Xiang, the founder of the company, made it.It said, "In the third quarter of 2022, the release and trading of M7 in the world directly crippled Li ONE. We have never met such a strong opponent." At the same time, Li wants to mention that he asked the management team to buy no less than ten open books of Huawei, so as to learn Huawei comprehensively.

  On the time line, the listing of the old model M7 coincides with the delisting of Li ONE and the appearance of the ideal L series, but the sales volume of the old model M7 has only been popular for two months. In October last year, the M7 sold 5,226 vehicles in a single month, which is the highest monthly record of this model.

  In the same month, the evaluation result of an automobile safety index released by China Automobile Safety Index showed that the A-pillar was suspected to be deformed after the 25% offset crash test of the vehicles evaluated by the world. In addition to the relatively insufficient strength of the A-pillar, the interior and exterior details of the M7, such as hard seats and small space, also attracted many users’ bad reviews, which made the newly listed old M7 short-lived. After November, the sales volume of the old M7 fell below 4,000, and then it fell all the way to.

  At the same time, the ideal sings all the way with the launch of the L series. The data shows that the sales of the ideal L9, which was delivered on August 30th, 2022, were 10,100 vehicles, 9,181 vehicles, 9,087 vehicles and 10,600 vehicles in September and December, respectively, and the sales of the ideal L8 in November and December, 2022 were 5,293 vehicles and 10,200 vehicles, respectively.

  This year, the ideal is to often sit on the throne of the new power monthly sales champion. In the first five months,The sales volume was 15,100 vehicles, 16,600 vehicles, 20,800 vehicles, 25,700 vehicles and 28,200 vehicles respectively, while the sales volume in the same period was only 4,475 vehicles, 3,505 vehicles, 3,679 vehicles, 2,953 vehicles and 5,629 vehicles. After June, the ideal continuous monthly sales volume broke 30,000 and even began to hit the monthly sales volume of 40,000 vehicles, while the sales volume in the field was still low.

  However, after the new model M7 went on the market, Ideality seemed to realize the rise of this "old friend". In the last week before the National Day, the customer even started to update the order status daily, and the number rose alarmingly.

  At this time, the autumn strategy will be held.

  The meeting has a huge agenda, lasting for four days, and intensively discussed the strategic direction and landing rhythm in the next 5-10 years. Of course, Huawei has also become an inevitable topic in the strategic meeting. It is reported that the ideal dialogue technique originally at the sales end has been cancelled now, and M7 is not mentioned on its own initiative. "If a car owner asks, say that L6, which is ideal for next year, is a price product with M7".

  Previously, the ideal interior had been in accordance with the market structure in 2025., Huawei andRanked as a strong opponent, ranked first, and with the explosion of M7, the name has been changed to Huawei.

  M7 "Complete Victory" L7

  On the other hand, front-line sales people are very happy to compare the new M7 with the ideal L7. In their view, this is a complete victory.

  On the working day of October 19th, many consumers in Huawei stores still took the time to learn about the new M7 of this hot Internet, and the number of people watching cars increased several times after 7 pm. On the same day, the reporter visited a number of stores in Qingpu District, Shanghai. Different from when it was first listed, at present, a new M7 will be placed in every authorized store.

  Liu Hua (a pseudonym), who sells cars in the store, told the reporter, "After the National Day holiday, there are still many people who come to see cars. The highest order quantity in our store is about 10 cars per day, and there will be more orders in stores with slightly better locations."

  The reporter learned that after the National Day, the subsidy rights and interests of users who have settled down have declined, from the original 6,000 yuan discount to 3,000 yuan, but the number of people who come to see the car and settle down has not decreased. From the sales air, this is mainly due to the fact that the price of the new M7 is really favorable.

  At the same time, Liu Hua said, "If you decide to buy a car now, you can have a place to buy Huawei mobile phones first." The reporter learned that for Huawei mate 60 and Huawei X5, which were previously put on the shelves and out of stock, all car buyers can get a direct purchase opportunity, and there is no need to increase the price to snap up, but there is only one mobile phone quota for a car. "It is true that someone will look at the car for a mobile phone, but in the end it will be decided directly because the car is good."

  Regarding the price, Liu Hua introduced, "Just compare the M5 EV in the store with the new M7, and the lowest price of the M5 EV is 250,000 yuan, but if the M7 is determined now, the landing price only needs 250,000 yuan. At the same price, the most intuitive feeling of the two cars is that the M7 is bigger than the M5 by more than one lap, and the interior space and trunk of the M7 are bigger."

  Yu Chengdong once introduced that the company invested 500 million yuan to upgrade the new M7.

  However, in terms of price, the new M7 has been greatly adjusted, and the guiding price is 249,800-329,800 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan lower than that of the old M7. In addition, the new model also launched a limited time discount of 3,000 yuan, and the starting price further dropped to 246,800 yuan, which was 43,000 yuan lower than the starting price of the old model.

  "Of course, many consumers will compare with the ideal. From the price point of view, our M7 has already won more than half." Liu Hua proudly introduced, "The current landing price of our four-wheel drive intelligent driving version is around 310,000, while the minimum allocation of the ideal L7 should start at 310,000, and there is no comparison at all. If we don’t need intelligent driving, the minimum price of 250,000 should start at 60,000 cheaper than the ideal L7. Everyone is a big five-seat extended-range SUV, and it is clear who to choose."

  In fact, thanks to Huawei’s HarmonyOS system, it has obvious advantages in intelligent driving, but the ideal intelligent driving has not yet landed. Li wants to reflect on the strategy meeting. The full input of Zhijia is half a year late, but the lessons left behind by insufficient input can only be solved by strengthening input. In this regard, as an ideal investor, both Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, and Lu Qi, founder of Y Combinator China, have the same attitude towards ideal smart driving, "speed up investment and even sacrifice some efficiency".

  Invest another billion to increase production.

  High order volume can only represent the success of M7′ s start, and whether it can really be transformed into delivery volume is a test for Cyrus.

  Previously, before Tucki G6 went public, the pre-sale orders exceeded 30,000. However, due to the production capacity, some users chose other brands considering the long delivery cycle, and the final order conversion rate was only over 60%, so the production capacity could not match the order quantity. According to industry analysts, the long delivery cycle can easily affect the intended users of the new M7.

  From the network

  With the hot orders from M7, the production capacity of Cyrus once became the focus of the market.

  Recently, an online contact map of suppliers and partners has attracted attention, in which Cyrus is contacting major suppliers and partners to improve the supply capacity of the new M7. Before October 5th, the new M7 in Wenjie will complete the supply capacity construction of 450 vehicles per day in the first phase. According to the market demand, Sailisi No.2 Factory will produce 750 vehicles per day on November 1st, and now it is required that the supply capacity of the whole supply chain be raised to the same level before October 30th.

  At the same time, in today’s live broadcast room of Cyrus factory, Yu Chengdong suddenly appeared to cheer up. "There are 20,000 new people in the supply chain. We are working overtime and several shifts have started production continuously, so that everyone can drive the new car home as soon as possible." At the same time, he added, "In order to catch up with the production capacity, we have invested an additional 1 billion yuan in the entire industrial chain and supply chain and added 20,000 workers."

  According to the data, at present, there are four factories in Chongqing, including three vehicle factories and one power plant. Among them, one factory will produce the boundary M5, the second factory will produce the boundary M7, and the third factory will produce the boundary M9. The second factory in fenghuang town, Shapingba, Chongqing, which has an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, is the most lacking.

  It is reported that when the new M7 was not listed, the No.2 Factory implemented a single-shift production system with a production capacity of 300 vehicles/day. At present, the factory has quickly entered the "2.5-shift" production system, that is, the production machine runs continuously for 20 hours every day, and the remaining four hours are for mechanical maintenance, and the "production acceleration button" is pressed.

  "2.5 shifts" can help the factory achieve the production plan of 600 vehicles per day. According to the workers, "this is already the production limit."