A number of high-end configurations are standard. BYD Hantang Champion Edition is priced at 209,800-299,800 yuan.

On March 16th, BYD Han EV Champion Edition and Tang DM-i Champion Edition were officially launched. The suggested retail price of Han EV Champion Edition was 209,800-299,800 yuan, and that of Tang DM-i Champion Edition was 209,800-233,800 yuan.


From the launch of the new car to June 30, 2023, BYD also provided car purchase rights such as "two worry-free car purchase policies, one worry-free car guarantee, five exclusive VIP services and five Zhilian online services" for the two models.


With the launch of the Han-Tang Double Flagship Champion Edition, BYD also launched a limited-time car purchase gift for Han DM-i and Han DM-p models on sale, and can enjoy a cash subsidy of 10,000 yuan before April 30, 2023.

Since the launch of the Han EV model, it has undergone 18 OTA upgrades, and the champion version of the Han EV has evolved again in terms of color, chassis and experience. In terms of color, the new car offers a brand-new glacier blue color, and the body presents a metallic fluidity, and the visual effect is light and pure.


In terms of chassis, the Chinese EV Champion Edition two-wheel drive comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system, which can automatically adjust the damping force according to the road surface changes, flexibly adapt to complex and diverse road conditions, effectively filter the bumps caused by different roads, bring comfortable riding experience and enhance the driving pleasure of the vehicle. Four-wheel drive models come standard with DiSus-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension system, which can achieve millisecond control and response, while taking into account comfort and handling stability, and improving the sense of driving quality. All models of the Han EV Champion Edition also come standard with aluminum alloy multi-link suspension, which can enhance the handling performance of the whole vehicle through mass reduction and bring a comfortable and sporty driving experience.


In terms of experience, the Chinese EV Champion Edition comes standard with 5G quick connection, intelligent voice interaction in four-tone area of the whole vehicle, NFC car key of mobile phone, high-efficiency heat pump air conditioner with wide temperature range, electric tailgate, ventilation/heating of the main driver’s seat, sound insulation glass with heat insulation in front row and black privacy glass in rear row, thus realizing "high matching at the beginning". In addition, the mid-high models also provide steering wheel heating, intelligent fragrance, VTOL mobile power station (6.6kW), BSD blind spot monitoring system, W-HUD head-up display and other configurations to further enhance the value of the flagship car.

Tang DM-i Champion Edition is equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology, which has five characteristics of "fast, economical, quiet, smooth and green". Its fuel consumption is only 5.5L/100km in the state of power loss, and it can be used for oil and electricity, with a comprehensive cruising range of 1050km. The new car is at the price of 200,000 yuan, and it also provides luxurious seven-seat space.


Tang DM-i Champion Edition also provides glacier blue color matching, and the whole system comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system and aluminum alloy multi-link suspension to upgrade the driving experience. At the same time, the DM-i Champion Edition of Tang adopted a brand-new rim shape, and tyre size was upgraded to 255/50 R20, which enhanced the tire grip and ride comfort. The new car is also equipped with a maximum of 40kW dual-port fast charging, and the charging time of 30%-80% is shortened to 22 minutes.


In terms of intelligent configuration, Tang DM-i Champion Edition comes standard with NFC car keys; The car comes standard with DiLink 4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system, which supports technologies such as 5G quick connection and dual-frequency positioning, bringing "smarter, more efficient and more humane" intelligent cockpit experience. Intelligent voice interaction in the four-tone area of the whole vehicle, VTOL mobile power station (6.6kW), intelligent electric tailgate (including position memory function), ventilation/heating of the main/co-driver’s seat, front heat insulation sound insulation glass and black privacy glass in the rear are also standard. At the same time, the two configurations of BSD blind spot monitoring and W-HUD head-up display strengthen the active safety of the new car; HiFi-class Dana audio brings better sound quality performance.

Relying on the core technology empowerment, the Han-Tang double flagship champion model has added a very competitive choice for the mainstream price car and SUV market of 200,000-300,000 yuan. Based on BYD’s strategy of "same price for oil and electricity", Hantang vehicles will accelerate the popularization of China brand new energy vehicles. (Hundred Rivers)

(Image from BYD official)

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