Advantages of Mercedes E300 …


1. Opening the car door by means of induction and touch feels very high-tech and gimmicky.

2. Ambient lights feel great at night. When the rear door is opened, the lights under your feet will light up, so it is convenient to see if there is anything leaking in the car.

3, the engine is very sensitive at more than 3000 rpm, with a sense of pushing back and a sense of movement.

4. Before the test drive, the E300 was always elegant, and the suspension was soft. After the car was officially picked up, the E300 fashionable suspension needed a lot of exercise, and the manhole cover and corners were encountered in daily walking, which made it feel much better to roll and be solid.

5, sound insulation is very good, in the intersection where there are many cars, it feels very comfortable, it will not appear complicated and noisy, and the car stereo is also good.

6, daytime running lights are very COOL, and the car is very marked.

7, Bluetooth phone is good, when driving, you don’t have to hold the phone all the time, which is convenient.

8. Navigation continues to walk in the tunnel according to the speed and direction of the car, and it will not stop because there is no GPS signal, which feels good; However, the input of navigation destination is very troublesome.

9, Hold function is very convenient when waiting for a red light, that is, you need to master a certain rhythm, which feels more practical than AutoHold.

10. As soon as you get on the bus, the seat belt will be automatically tightened to help you find the most suitable position. The design is good.
11. When reversing, the reversing image is good, but there is still a distance mark missing (it is said that there is an S-class one), and the rearview mirror on the co-pilot side will automatically go down, so as to see the position of the wheel clearly.
12. The front and rear radars are convenient for controlling the left and right distances when walking in narrow lanes with cars on both sides.
13. The steering wheel will automatically adjust the weight of the steering wheel according to the speed of the vehicle, which is very suitable for high-speed driving and low-speed U-turn parking.
14. The position of the control lever of the turn signal is a bit strange, and it takes time to get used to it. It feels that it should be interchanged with the lever of cruise control.
15, the position of the seat can be adjusted in many ways, and the position of the steering wheel can also be adjusted in many ways. At the same time, it can be remembered, which is convenient for friends to adjust back at any time after test drive.
16. The panoramic skylight is great, especially in the back row. It feels very empty and comfortable.
17. When turning at night when the speed is slow, a car light will light up in the turning direction, so you can see the road conditions clearly.