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Krypton 001 is a futuristic electric vehicle with a unique design. The front face adopts a streamlined design, which is different from the air intake grille of the traditional car. The Krypton 001 has no air intake grille, but adopts a closed design, which makes the whole car look more concise and smooth. The overall lines of the car body are smooth, which highlights its sense of technology and sports. In the front part, the headlights of Krypton 001 adopt a long and narrow design, which echoes the lines of the front face and creates a sharp visual effect. On the side of the car body, the door of Krypton 001 adopts a hidden design, which is integrated with the car body and is more concise and smooth. At the rear of the car, the taillights of Krypton 001 adopt a penetrating design, which echoes the front face and makes the whole car look more harmonious. On the whole, the design of Krypton 001 is very scientific and futuristic, giving people a very fashionable and dynamic feeling.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium and large SUV with elegant and smooth lines. The body size is 4977*1999*1533mm, the wheelbase is 3005mm, the front tread is 1703mm, and the rear tread is 1716 mm. The side lines of the car body are smooth, concise and full of tension, which shows the sense of strength of the car. The tyre size of the front and rear wheels is 255/55 R19, and the tire width is larger, which can provide better grip and stability. At the same time, the rim design on the side of the car is also very unique, and the multi-spoke design is adopted to make the whole car more fashionable and sporty. On the whole, the side design of Krypton 001 is not only beautiful, but also has good aerodynamic performance, which provides a better driving experience for drivers.


The interior design of Krypton 001 is simple and generous, with black as the main tone and silver decoration in details, creating an elegant atmosphere. The 15.05-inch central control panel has a suspended design and a full LCD instrument panel, which is full of technology. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which makes it feel comfortable. At the same time, it supports electric up and down+front and rear adjustment, so that drivers can easily find the right position. The car is equipped with multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other voice recognition control systems to facilitate the driver’s operation. The front row has two Type-C interfaces and one USB interface, while the back row has two Type-C interfaces and one USB interface. At the same time, there is a wireless charging function of the mobile phone to meet various charging requirements. The seat is made of leather, and the front and rear seats, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support can be adjusted. The front seats also have heating, ventilation and massage functions to provide a more comfortable ride experience. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, providing passengers with more flexible seating space. The overall interior design is simple and elegant, and the details are exquisite, providing drivers and passengers with a more comfortable and convenient driving experience.


The engine of Krypton 001 has a maximum power of 580 kW and a maximum torque of 810 N m.. The high performance of this engine makes Krypton 001 perform very well during acceleration and driving, bringing strong power output and smooth driving experience to drivers. At the same time, Krypton 001 also adopts advanced fuel injection technology and a number of energy-saving technologies to ensure the efficient operation and low fuel consumption of the engine. Whether it is daily commuting or long-distance travel, Krypton 001 can bring excellent driving performance and comfortable driving experience to drivers.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, he mentioned the design of Krypton 001, praising its beautiful front, and one of the reasons for choosing Krypton is that it feels a bit like Paramera. The owner also described Krypton 001 as a "pentagonal warrior", indicating that it performed very well in all aspects. As a new energy vehicle, Krypton 001 not only has a unique aesthetic feeling in appearance design, but also has excellent dynamic performance and driving experience. Judging from the owner’s reputation, Krypton 001 has been recognized and appreciated by the owner in terms of design and overall performance.