How does BYD Han subvert the tradition and dominate the car sales list?

As for why the traditional order of the market has been subverted in just two years, I think we should start with the positioning of this class of cars by users.

Among the conventional vehicle systems at present, hundreds of thousands are economical, 200,000 B-class cars are comfortable, and 300,000 B/ s are luxurious.Hanhe is a comfortable positioning, so the target audience of these models actually wants the car not to engage in any tricks, but it requires no obvious shortcomings..

Then the key word of the new glory edition of Han and Tang dynasties is the hexagonal champion, which is actually what it means.

Let’s look at the fuel consumption first. We all take the current models as an example. In the fully charged state, Han DM-i has two kinds of battery life: 121 km and 200 km. If there is a home-filled pile and the daily commuting distance is within 50 km, then there is basically no need to refuel every day. Just charge it every day.

In the state of power loss, only look at the declared fuel consumption parameters, except for the hybrid, the power loss fuel consumption of Han DM-i is slightly lower than the comprehensive fuel consumption of the top five fuels. Although the high-speed fuel consumption is slightly higher than that of Camry, on the whole,It can really save a little more than a fuel car in the daily cost of fuel, which is the killer of DM-I..

Then why does DM-i save fuel? There are six common positions of the motor for front transverse insertion, P0 is at the front end, P1 is at the output shaft of the engine, P2 is between the engine and the gearbox, P2.5 is inside the gearbox, P3 is behind the gearbox, and P4 is located.

Then Chinese DM-i uses P1 plus P3. P1 is mainly used to generate electricity for P3, and P3 is used to drive the motor.

According to the relationship with the motor, there are three main types of self-owned brands. The first is series connection, that is, the internal combustion engine and the motor are upstream and downstream. The internal combustion engine is only responsible for driving the motor. Once the motor is removed, the whole car will not move. Another name for series connection is,This is what ideals and questions are used for..

The second is parallel connection, the internal combustion engine and the motor are in parallel relationship, the internal combustion engine can be driven separately, the motor can also be driven separately, and the two can also be driven together.Joint ventures use this kind more..

The third is mixed connection, which is also called, that is, kneading the two together, pressing the red button is the series mode, and pressing the blue button is the parallel mode. DM-i is this kind of intelligent switching mode. If the battery is sufficient, it can start the pure electric mode, and P3 is responsible for driving alone, which is no different from the pure tram. If the power is insufficient, the series mode can be started, and the internal combustion engine takes P1 to generate electricity for P3 drive.

When you get on the expressway, the efficiency of electric drive becomes lower, and the internal combustion engine can’t stand it. After all, high-speed working conditions are the experience area of the internal combustion engine, which is more fuel-efficient. When you want to overtake and accelerate rapidly at medium and high speed, you can start the parallel mode, and the internal combustion engine and P3 motor are driven together to exert the maximum power.

Simply put, DM-i is a very smart system, which can jump repeatedly in various modes and help you calculate how to choose the most fuel-efficient mode at all times.The low fuel consumption of this DM-i is just like this.