Great Wall Gun, made in Chongqing, starting from 169,800, buy a comfortable off-road pickup truck!

On June 13th, 2020 Chongqing International Auto Show opened, and the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck was listed in Chongqing. It is reported that since its listing, the Great Wall Cannon has been in short supply and has continued to rank first in the sales of high-end pickup trucks. Help the Great Wall pickup truck to have a market share of nearly 50% in 2020, and the cumulative global sales volume exceeded 1.7 million. On the same day, Great Wall Gun specially held a media test drive. In Chongqing, which is known as Magic 8D, the super strength of China’s first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck was fully demonstrated through the full-scene test drive experience of professional off-road venues+Pancuoshan Road+urban roads.

On Yan value-wild appearance, luxurious interior, breaking through the traditional pickup prejudice

The appearance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck shows the domineering of the full-size pickup truck. The whole vehicle is 5437mm long, 1958mm wide, 1893mm high, 3230mm wheelbase, 30 approach angle, 26 departure angle and 228mm; minimum ground clearance. Cargo size compartment 1520mm*1520mm*538mm. LED headlights are full of power, and the black matte light net is mighty. The top model’s 18-inch Bailuchi KO2 all-terrain tires are wild with black wheel eyebrows. The side of the car is equipped with the original wading hose, so it is not a problem to wade through mountains and rivers.

Under the hard-core appearance, the off-road gun has exquisite and luxurious interior, the steering wheel and seats are all made of leather, and the large-area soft-package interior is matched with diamond-shaped stitching, which is a full luxury SUV style. The 7-inch dashboard LCD screen supports the display of cross-country and vehicle information such as altitude, air pressure, slope and compass, which increases driving pleasure.

On performance-tough off-road, comfortable driving, modified from the original factory

As the first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck in China, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with hard-core off-road configurations such as three locks, wading throat, crawling mode, tank turning, original winch and seven all-terrain driving modes, which can be described as "original factory is modified". Even in a variety of complex terrain, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck can cope with seven all-terrain modes freely, and the new K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption on the top model not only has outstanding shock filtering effect, but also has further improved its passability.

In the face of the cross axis known as the "off-road vehicle trial ground", the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is not afraid of challenges. In the low-speed four-wheel drive (4L) mode, the system amplifies the torque by 2.48 times, so that the tire can obtain sufficient grip.

In the creep mode, the system keeps the vehicle running at a low speed and uniform speed, and smoothly gets out of trouble by gently controlling the torque. The off-road pickup truck of Great Wall Gun is also equipped with the function of tank turning around, which usually only appears on million-class off-road vehicles and can greatly reduce the turning radius of vehicles.

Off-road expert mode, most vehicle drive electronic control systems can be turned off by ESP button, and only ABS brake anti-lock is reserved, so that extreme off-road is no longer limited by electronic system and enjoys the ultimate fun of off-road.

Moreover, the model is also equipped with very rich intelligent safety auxiliary functions, such as Bosch 9.3 ESP, AEB active emergency braking system, FCW front collision warning, TSR traffic sign information recognition, ACC adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, etc., together with six airbags and high-strength body, to escort every surprise trip. In addition, functions such as keyless entry, keyless start and Autohold automatic parking can also bring convenience to drivers. It can be said that no matter the configuration, power or driving quality, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is no different from the medium and large luxury SUV.

It can be said that the appearance of the Great Wall Gun really made pickup trucks popular!

On Fate-The Great Wall Gun, Made in Chongqing

The fate between Great Wall Gun and Chongqing is more than just listing and test drive tasting. As the title says, the production base of Great Wall Gun-Chongqing Smart Factory of Great Wall Motor is the fifth full-process vehicle production base of Great Wall Motor in the world and the first in southern China.

At the same time, the Great Wall Gun has also received strong support from the Chongqing government, and Chongqing has become the first provincial-level region in China to completely lift the ban on pickup trucks.

So what is the listing price of such an all-round off-road pickup truck?

In the first phase, three national six gasoline 8AT models were launched, including four-wheel drive advanced version of 169,800 yuan, four-wheel drive advanced version of 179,800 yuan and four-wheel drive limited edition of 199,800 yuan. The diesel version will be available in July. In addition, the Chongqing government will also provide 5,000 yuan of real estate car subsidies to local consumers who buy Great Wall cannons, and vigorously promote the development of pickup truck consumer market.