Obviously there is a face value, but it depends on strength! The top choice of a-class car: BYD Qin plusDMi

Who is the hottest car brand in 2021? That must be it! The sales volume of new energy vehicles ranked first in the country for 8 consecutive years, and the current market value ranked first among China car companies and fourth among global car companies, second only to, and.

When the family was also selected as the best CEO in China in 2021, it ranked first among the leaders of car companies.

Today, the model we recommend is its A-class sedan, plus DMi, which has always been said in the automobile market that "the A-class market is the best in the world", and it is with this model that it has gained a firm foothold in the A-class car market. Last month, for example, Qin plus DMi won 28,151 units, ranking third in the compact car list (second only to and) and second in the new energy vehicle sales list (.

About the evaluation of this car, all the major cars have been introduced in detail from the media. Today, we will talk about some points that everyone cares about:

1. About Yan value:Different people have different opinions, and the family style is relatively attractive as a whole.

2. Space:The standard A+ class car body (4765*1837*1495) has a wheelbase of 2718mm, and the actual space is not outstanding, but it is enough, which also meets the standard of this class.

3. Minimum ground clearance:165mm, many people worry that the battery pack will affect the minimum ground clearance of the whole vehicle. In fact, there is no need to worry. The whole chassis of Qin plus DMi is very regular, which is not bad as a car ground clearance of 165 mm.

4. Dynamic performance:The official 0-100 acceleration is 7.3S, and the measured results are basically consistent, which can be said to be better than most of the same price models.

5. About fuel consumption:The official feed fuel consumption is 4.6L, which is basically lower than this data. As a whole, it is basically half of the fuel consumption of traditional fuel vehicles. At this level, it can be said that it exists like a king, thanks to the excellent DMi technology.

6. Control:It can be evaluated in four words, "easy to open" and "smooth".

7. About Interior Decoration and ConfigurationThe overall design style is similar to Han’s, the workmanship is good, the materials used are slightly lower than Han’s (after all, there is a price difference of nearly half), but it is still better than the mainstream joint venture models, and the overall configuration is also good.

Summary: Compared with the mainstream fuel vehicles with the same price, BYD Qin plus DMi has better hybrid technology, higher configuration and materials, lower fuel consumption and better power, better ride comfort and green brand, which can be described as full of advantages.

If you need a family A-class car, care about the cost of the car, and have high power requirements, then Qin plus DMI is really a good choice!

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