Hot search first! It is forbidden to manufacture and sell paper money in one place, which continues to lead to controversy.

On 26th, "Nantong Publishing" WeChat WeChat official account published the Notice of Prohibiting the Manufacture and Sale of Feudal Superstitious Funeral Supplies by Nantong Civil Affairs Bureau and Nantong Market Supervision Administration.

The circular pointed out that it is forbidden for any unit or individual to manufacture and sell feudal superstitious funeral supplies such as paper money and paper objects within the city. In violation of the provisions of the notice, the civil affairs department at or above the county level shall confiscate it jointly with the market supervision and management department at the same level, and may impose a fine of more than 1 time and less than 3 times the manufacturing and sales amount. If it constitutes a violation of public security administration, it shall be punished by the public security organ according to law; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Controversy: Is Mingbi paper money a feudal superstition?

Once the notice was spread, it quickly triggered discussions among many netizens.

The reason for the controversy this time is that the circular lists the paper money in Ming coins as "feudal superstitious articles". In the comment area, someone left a message questioning: "Who is in charge of folklore or feudalism?"

Yang Chengsheng, an associate professor in the School of Public Administration of Central South University, is engaged in sociological research and has long been concerned about the construction of folk culture and social governance. In an interview with a reporter from xiaoxiang morning herald, he said that making Ming coins and burning paper money is an important part of the traditional Tomb-Sweeping Day worship ceremony in China, and it is a folk form. Mingbi paper money has a tradition of making and selling for many years. Now it is understandable that we attach importance to environmental protection and pay attention to urban sanitation, but it is not appropriate to ban folk culture purely from this perspective.

Media: In the face of traditional customs, urban management cannot be "one size fits all"

On the 27th, Yangguang. com issued a message: Burning paper is only a link in the ritual sweeping, not a feudal superstition. The relevant departments can advocate it, but they should not simply and rudely prohibit people from burning paper on the grounds of "feudal superstition". Such management is mechanical, unrealistic and impersonal, and should be treated with caution.

Local response: emphasizing the prohibition of manufacturing and selling from market behavior

According to a report by the Central Broadcasting Network on the 27th, the relevant person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Nantong, Jiangsu Province said that the local authorities are promoting this matter in accordance with relevant laws and regulations from the perspective of spiritual civilization construction and environmental protection. Of course, choosing this time point in the Qingming Festival is really easy to cause some misunderstandings among the people.

The person in charge said: "The people have some comments, which may be that they have not thoroughly understood (the document) or that we have not explained it clearly, but it is two different things to pursue the distance with the people, and there is no necessary connection. We emphasize the prohibition of manufacturing and sales from market behavior and do not say (prohibit) the use of this link. "

Nantong has a funeral shop to sell flowers instead of paper money.

The incident attracted the attention of netizens. On the morning of 28th, the topic # Nantong has a funeral shop to sell flowers instead of paper money # ranked first on the social media hot search list.

The topic # Nantong # also reached the top of the hot search list.

According to @ Red Star News, on March 27th, Red Star News learned from a funeral supplies store in Chongchuan District that they learned the news from the Internet. Today, the paper money that had been previously purchased has been removed from the shelves, and the store will buy more flowers to cope with the peak of the memorial service in Tomb-Sweeping Day next week. "Mingbi don’t sell, just sell flowers, itself this thing is a kind of sustenance (role).

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Original title: "Hot search first! It is forbidden to manufacture and sell paper money in one place, which continues to lead to controversy. "

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