The "desperate ambulance" bombing field! What kind of "speed and passion" do you love?

Special feature of 1905 film network The big screen is welcoming the new works of a series of directors."Explosion Shell" lives up to its reputation, and the shooting and blasting scenes are wave after wave, and an interesting setting is also played:On the one hand, robbers hijacked ambulances to avoid police cars in Los Angeles, and staged a desperate moment of chasing each other;On the one hand, in the ambulance, the ambulanceman had to operate and race against time to save the injured policeman who was dying.The internal and external space of an ambulance makes the tension and excitement of the film double and double.

As a means of transportation, cars can make characters develop a variety of relationships, surge diverse emotions and stage thousands of stories in movies.Then, how many kinds of shooting and playing methods will there be when using cars in domestic films? Let’s take a look at these wonderful scenes of car names.

First of all, the most common car scenes are car chasing, speeding and crashing, which can be described as necessary stunts in action movies and can play different tricks.

Chasing heavy locomotives in Tseung Kwan O by car.They fought fiercely between a car door and a car window, and the action design was full of creativity.

At the last minute, Donnie Yen rushed out of the car door and picked up the passing child who was about to be hit, and staged a tense drama of "last-second rescue".

At the end, I confronted the two men by racing.They chased each other and sped along the central side of Hong Kong, avoiding the police car that was chasing after them.

Later, I drove the car directly into the central subway station, and even crashed into the subway by flying cars. The danger was endless and the scene was hot.

Hong Kong action movies are rich in drag racing, and Big Brother has created countless classics. Never to lose.Dive all the way from the hillside,Brother Dragon and Brother TigerThe flying car spans a 75-meter-wide driveway.ZodiacWear roller skates and chase cars. ……

Driving in movies, but also pay attention to professional skills, so it also gave birth to the enduring racing movie type. Jay ChouStarringInitial dDriving an AE86, showing off the legend of overtaking without spilling a glass of water, was all over the place.

From the beginning to the end, the films directed by "Racer" are all inseparable from racing elements.Most typically,Flying life, such asA Lang’s Story,Shen TengI risked my life to win the rally.

He accelerated with all his strength and jumped out of the cliff, heroically interpreting the passionate spirit of the racer "Ride or Die".

The film’s racing scene can show the sense of speed outside the car and soar the adrenaline of the audience.The interior space of the car is also very useful, and the film can use this to deduce a different kind of "passion" story.

In the back seat of the car, it can be like leaning and snuggling, full of ambiguous atmosphere.

In the front seat of the car, you can play crazy romance like walking through a broken windshield and holding an umbrella in the rain.

Whether it’s Love in Heaven, Andy Lau is carrying a speeding sadomasochism.

Or the warmth that "fallen angels" feels from the rear.The front and rear seats of motorcycles are excellent places to freeze the sweet pictures of lovers.

However, the front and rear seats are also prone to hidden dangers. Such as the end of the film, driving from the rear hand blade for revenge.This action of blindfolding, strangling and shooting at the driver from behind the driver’s seat is a classic design of the film to show the murder plot.

The space outside the car body can also make a wonderful show.In Police Story 3,Michelle YeohIn order to catch the criminal, he turned over to the roof of the car and fell from the roof to Jackie Chan’s car, hanging by a thread.

Jackie Chan jumped onto the roof of the car and got into the car, preventing the out-of-control bus from falling into the sea. The action was coherent and in one go.


In movies, the trunk of a car is often used to tie people and Tibetans.If the rear of the car suddenly shakes, the film will be even more suspenseful. Even the trunk can be a shooting angle.

A person, a car, can derive a whole movie. Zhou XunexistLi Mi’s ConjectureShe plays a taxi driver, but driving is not her purpose. Finding her missing boyfriend is her secret.

The thoughts and love for lovers are concentrated in the car, but also condensed outside the car, galloping in the unknown road ahead.