The 2023 BYD Han EV appeared in the real car, changed into Chinese taillights and upgraded its configuration.

The achievements of Automobiles in the new energy vehicle market in recent years are quite good, and many of its models can hand over a good answer sheet. Among them, the performance of BYD Han EV is also ideal. However, with the "provocation" of the price war, many models are adjusting their prices one after another this year, and BYD Auto has also begun to accelerate the pace of updating its models. In March, the new BYD Han EV will be officially listed, and new cars have arrived at the store.

The appearance of 2023 BYD Han EV continues the family-style design style. The air intake grille is closed, with a bold chrome trim in the middle, and the logo of "Han" is embossed. The headlight group is rounded and full, the internal lens is clearly outlined, and the visual effect after lighting is good. The lines of the air intakes on both sides are exaggerated, showing a certain three-dimensional effect, and the air intake in the middle is relatively slender.

The side body design of the new car stretches smoothly, and the periphery of the window is decorated with chrome trim strips to improve the texture. The penetrating waistline stretches the visual length to a certain extent, and the lines at the front and rear wheel eyebrows are clearly designed, and the wheels are sculpted in multiple frames. The main change at the rear of the car is the replacement of the "Chinese knot" taillight of the same model as the Genesis model. After lighting, the visual effect is good, and the surrounding of the reflective light strip is decorated with bright black decorative strips. It is worth mentioning that the new car has also added a new color scheme of "Glacier Blue".

The interior has not changed much, and it is still relatively calm and advanced, and the materials used in the car are still relatively kind. The overall layering of the center console is distinct, the style of the air outlet of the air conditioner is chic, the multi-function steering wheel is round and solid, and the grip is good. The style of the shift lever is also relatively round, the materials used in the seat are solid, and the overall space performance in the car is still ideal.

At present, we have learned that the configuration adjustment is as follows. In terms of comfortable configuration, the whole department has added ambient lights and heat pump air conditioners, 605km of distinguished upgrade Tanner audio, and 715km of flagship upgrade steering wheel heating. In terms of intelligent configuration, the new car is equipped with 5G car system, so the intelligent performance will be better, and it is also equipped with NFC car keys, and the 605km distinguished model and 715km distinguished model add BSD blind spot monitoring function. In terms of chassis, the whole system comes standard with aluminum alloy suspension, the two-wheel drive model comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension, and the 715km flagship model can be equipped with DiSus-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension. From the perspective of configuration adjustment, it is more sincere. Of course, we still need to wait for the official announcement of the specific configuration adjustment.

In terms of power, the new BYD Han EV Genesis Edition still provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. The maximum motor output of the two-wheel drive model is 180kKW, and the cruising range is 506KM, 605KM and 715KM respectively. The four-wheel drive model only needs 3.8 seconds to accelerate 100 km, and the cruising range is 610 km.

Summary: Obviously, this time BYD Han EV has undergone a small change, with a more atmospheric appearance design, a calm interior style and a better performance in configuration. Of course, because of the addition of two entry-level models, 506km and 605km, the starting price of the new BYD Han EV Genesis Edition may also be lowered, so the competitiveness will be stronger.