23 BYD Han EV arrived at the store, and the appearance was adjusted, the configuration was upgraded, and the chassis texture was improved.

In May, 10,008 vehicles were sold, and the performance of Han EV in the medium and large car market was still ideal. As a domestic new energy vehicle, BYD Han EV did have a greater impact on Honda Accord, and BYD Auto also listed the Champion Edition of Han EV to compete in the market before. The new car was mainly adjusted in detail in appearance, with greater sincerity in configuration and more comprehensive performance.

The appearance of the 2023 BYD Han EV Champion Edition adopts a family-style design language, the front face has a decent atmosphere, and the ribs on the cabin cover are more prominent, creating a certain sense of hierarchy. The headlights are slender in shape, and the inner lens is wider. With the grille atmosphere light in the middle, there is a sense of sight of the through headlights after lighting, and the C-shaped black trim on both sides is more exaggerated, emphasizing the sports attribute. The trapezoidal air inlet is decorated with cutting lines to enhance the three-dimensional sense.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4995/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2920 mm. The shape of the whole car body stretches smoothly, and the windows are wrapped with chrome trim strips. The trim strips around the D-pillar are designed with ideas, and the waistline is outlined with a sense of strength. The hidden door handle and the low wind resistance style wheel hub design improve the performance of the wind resistance coefficient. The lower skirt is equipped with anti-collision strips, and the details are handled in place. The shape of the rear of the car is sporty, the taillight group adopts a penetrating design, the internal lens is in the style of "Chinese knot", the lampshade is blackened, and the visual effect is good after lighting, and the two sides of the rear of the car are also decorated with C-shaped sports encirclement. It is worth mentioning that the new car also comes standard with the electric tailgate.

The interior style of the new car is steady and generous, and the design of the embracing cockpit is adopted. The center console has distinct layers and solid materials. Most areas are wrapped in leather and suede, and the chrome trim decorated in details enhances the sense of grade. The UI interface of the LCD instrument panel is relatively generous, and the data display is rich. The 15.6-inch suspended central control panel is equipped with Dilink 4.0 intelligent networked car system, which has rich functions, ideal human-computer interaction and advanced seat style.

The configuration level of BYD Han EV Champion Edition is also more sincere. It comes standard with transparent image, passive pedestrian protection, full-speed adaptive cruise, 360 panoramic image, uphill assist, etc. In addition, the main driver comes standard with seat ventilation/heating function, and the rear row is also equipped with privacy glass, which performs well in intelligent and comfortable configuration.

In terms of power, the new car provides two versions: single motor and dual motor. The total power of the dual motor is 380KW, the total torque is 700N.m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 3.9 seconds. The power output is strong, and the cruising range is 506KM, 605KM, 715KM and 610KM respectively, and the cruising performance is good. In addition, the new car also adds FSD variable damping suspension system and aluminum alloy rear axle steering knuckle control arm, and has the function of suspension soft and hard adjustment, which has better handling and comfort.

Summary: The price range of the 2023 BYD Han EV Champion Edition is 20.98-29.98 million yuan, which is relatively kind in terms of price, and has been upgraded at the configuration level. Obviously, the "cost performance" is higher, and it is a good choice in the medium and large car market.