Why can Chen Sicheng make the box office of Disappeared She approach 4 billion?

Special feature of 1905 film network As of noon on July 15th, the box office of movies has exceeded 3.3 billion, and now it ranks 14th in the total box office list of China! And the key of this film has been postponed to August 21st, so it is foreseeable that the final achievement of this film will never stop there.

What did the producer do right in "Disappeared She", apart from the excellent actor Cass and the reverse script?

Today’s Film Review will talk about it today:How does Chen Sicheng create his own Chen movie universe step by step?

Is there a formula for Chen suspense?

Dismantling the films that Chen Sicheng participated in the production in the past, we can see that both the series and the series have four characteristics of high continuity:

The blueprint of the story of the doctrine of taking.

There is a very interesting phenomenon in the screenplay produced by Chen Sicheng. All the screenplay stories have their prototypes or blueprints. Among them, the film "Disappearing She" purchased the screenplay authorization of "China pregnant woman falling off a cliff in Thailand"; Sheep Without A Shepherd, on the other hand, is a replica of Indian movies, and makes movies based on stories that have already passed the market verification, so that Chen Sicheng can avoid the direct disconnection between movie stories and the market to the greatest extent.

Crime Stories in Overseas Context

The second feature of Chen’s suspense films is that all the stories are set overseas.

There is no doubt that a key word linked to suspense films is crime, and the setting of overseas background enables Chen Sicheng to skillfully evade the domestic restrictions on such topics, and also enables him to be at home in the film production of overseas Chinese crimes, a special subtype.

Multi-fusion commercial genre films

If we only look at suspense movies, there is no shortage of well-made movies in China, such as, and so on. These movies are actually very good suspense movies. But unfortunately, their box office basically stopped at 10 million levels and failed to set off a "suspense storm" in the market.

Compared with these films, Chen’s suspense films have made a very clever step in genre fusion. Chen Sicheng is very good at blending comedy and action elements into suspense, and polishing the serious and meticulous suspense films with more diversified colors, which not only takes more consideration of the audience in the sinking market, but also gives the film itself more wonderful scenes that can be "out of the circle".

"Chen’s movie universe" created by IP

There is no doubt that one of the most important threads in Chen Sicheng’s film making is to construct his own IP universe.

For example, detective chinatown series has made three movies and two online dramas so far, and the foreign drama of detective chinatown series animation will be launched soon, and the series of Tang Detective 1900 will also start shooting. This "Tang Detective" universe has been slowly unfolding.

After "Disappeared She" got excellent market feedback, Chen Sicheng immediately put the project "Disappeared TA" on the agenda, and even quickly produced a series of miniseries "Disappeared She" with short video platforms.

It can be seen that there is a huge IP serialization and even industrialization framework behind all the works produced by Chen Sicheng.

From this, we can sum up the production formula of Chen’s suspense film:Borrowism+overseas background+business type integration+series IP construction

Chen Sicheng teaches you film marketing.

After the release of "Disappeared She", not only the film market has made outstanding achievements, but also the marketing market has been played by "Disappeared She".

During the release period, "Disappeared She" won nearly a thousand marketing events, which even exceeded the sum of marketing events of films released in the same period.

"Please stay away from lovers" Chen Sicheng plays reverse marketing.

When it comes to the marketing methods of "Disappeared She", the first thing I have to mention is "reverse marketing".

I believe that Chen Sicheng had locked in the female consumer group when he first framed the blueprint of the story "Disappeared She". However, unlike the producers who used to focus on women in the market, he no longer praised the beauty, loyalty and unswerving love, but focused on "I am not suitable for couples to watch". This unique slogan captured the audience’s curiosity and made the audience suspicious. "Why don’t you let me watch it? I’m going to have a look. "

"The more you brush, the more you want to see it." Chen Sicheng plays short video marketing.

If we want to talk about how to play short video marketing in Chen Sicheng, we have to look at it from two levels.

The first one is the short video of the movie story "Disappeared She". The story begins with strong suspense, and in the narrative process, it constantly uses inversion as a hook to incite the audience’s emotions, and deeply pulls the audience’s attention with fast rhythm and multiple inversions, so that the audience can call "great stamina" and "can’t get out" after watching the movie.

The second is the short video of film marketing. Because of the many reversal plots brought by the film itself, a short video material library has naturally formed. At the same time, the film side encourages short video creators to make second creations, and a large number of official and unofficial short videos have sprung up on the short video platform, so that the audience who did not watch the movie can’t finish it until they arouse their curiosity and let them go into the cinema to watch it.

At the same time, the topic marketing of "Disappeared She" broke the traditional film circle, combined with the film content, it incited marriage bloggers, travel bloggers and even diving bloggers to go off to promote the film, and really upgraded the project marketing of "Disappeared She" to the level of social events.

"My head is missing." Chen Sicheng plays online and offline marketing.

In the nearly 1,000 marketing events of "Disappeared She", I believe that everyone is familiar with Zhu Yilong’s "fat beating" when she set up a brand.

In cinemas all over the country, Zhu Yilong’s face was painted with all kinds of strange pen and ink, labeled as "love rat" and "Phoenix Man", and even the head of some "Zhu Yilong" was directly cut off by the audience after watching the movie.

After seeing these contents on the short video platform, many viewers’ curiosity about the film soared, including Zhu Yilong himself, who also voiced after seeing the video: "Thank you for your devotion".

This offline and online O2O marketing has also been played by Chen Sicheng with great skill.

Chen Sicheng is "the smartest product manager in the film industry"?

The title of Chen Sicheng as the smartest product manager in the film industry originally came from an interview with him. In the interview, he bluntly said that he thought the "skill" of the film was a very important thing, but at the same time, he felt that "Tao" was above "skill".

If we break down the skill of his product manager, we can look at it from product thinking and business logic.

Compared with film works, Chen Sicheng may be more concerned about "where is my box office" and "where is my audience". This is a very obvious box office orientation, which can also be said to be the thinking of film products. And his endless marketing routines in the process of film promotion are also the embodiment of his product thinking.

At present, there are 11 companies under Chen Sicheng, which are directly related to or exist with him. These 11 companies cover movies and all walks of life around movies. With these companies, he is fully capable of building his own "movie business empire", which also enables him to bring more "non-ticket value" to a movie project, which is an important reason why the return on investment of his films is generally more than 10 times.