Exclusive interview with Chen Chusheng: Amguulan’s drunken driving accident is "incredible"

Chen Chusheng recorded "Light and Shadow Star Podcast"

Chen Chusheng

Chen Chusheng accepts an exclusive interview with [Movie Network]

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(Photo/Fang Chuanjianwen/Xie Yawei) "Suddenly disappeared before the concert" and "Tianyu claimed sky-high liquidated damages". Over the past year or so, it seems that there are only lawsuits around Chen Chusheng. For a new singer who just wants to be a pure musician, this experience is unexpected for Chen Chusheng. For more than half a year, he lived a life that backfired and didn’t sing on stage. It was a hard life, but Chen Chusheng insisted on it all the time. He made a guest appearance in the first 3D musical "Le Huo Boy" in China and returned to people’s sight with the help of the singer of the theme song of Wind.

Holding the guitar as the anchor music makes him a "two-faced man"

        "Looking for the next film coordinates — — In the voting activity of "The Most Popular Newcomer show" in 2009, Chen Chusheng ranked first among 13 candidates with an absolute advantage of more than 1.5 million votes. In an exclusive interview with [Movie Network], Chen Chusheng admitted that he was surprised by the fans’ affirmation of their performances. "It’s quite unexpected to get everyone’s affirmation in movies. I regard my fans as my friends, and there is no sense of distance between us. I thank them for their support as always. "

        It is the second time for Chen Chusheng to come to the "Light and Shadow Star Podcast" program. Last time, he said that he wanted to sing to the audience and talk about movies with everyone. This time, he got his wish, singing and broadcasting with his guitar, which was the first time since the recording of "Light and Shadow Star Podcast". As soon as Chen Chusheng picked up the guitar, the previous dullness and formality disappeared immediately, and the whole person became high-spirited, relaxed and active. When he gently played his new song "So-and-so", the melodious melody infected the staff present. Due to the limitation of the program duration, Chen Chusheng only sang a few words, which made everyone complain that he was not satisfied.

Chen Chusheng plays new songs live.

Chen Chusheng recorded a public welfare short film

Talk about Amguulan calling it "incredible" and refusing to talk about his rumored girlfriend He Jie.

        There are not only two actors in the entertainment circle who have caused accidents due to drunk driving. Recently, Amguulan, who once fought side by side with Chen Chusheng in the "Fast Man" competition, ran away after hitting someone with drunk driving and was about to face jail. Amguulan, the "prince of grassland" who has always been clever and shy, has made such a serious mistake, which makes many fans very sad. Talking about this wrong thing that my former good brother did, Chen Chusheng showed no partiality. "This happened to him. It felt incredible and sad. I didn’t know what to say to him, and I couldn’t contact him. I hope he can stand up and solve the problem."

       In a previous interview, Chen Chusheng once admitted that he had a girlfriend, but he didn’t want to disclose the identity of the other party. When asked what to do if his girlfriend urged marriage, he replied, "Then I’ll cook at home and let her become famous." Although it was a joke, it caused people to speculate that his girlfriend was an insider, and "gossip girlfriend" He Jie seemed to be the most likely candidate. Faced with all kinds of speculations, Chen Chusheng changed his old attitude and didn’t respond to the scandal, hoping.

Chen Chusheng was beaming with joy.

Chen Chusheng is in a good mood.

The "Love Song Prince" wants to be a tough guy.

        I’ve never heard him speak loudly, and when he sings, he also whispers and explains. Chen Chusheng in front of him seems to be the same as when he participated in the "Fast Man" competition many years ago. He doesn’t talk much, even a little bored. Although he has worked hard in the society for many years, he still looks like a student. He is the kind of person who can concentrate on his ideals and will not be disturbed by the surrounding environment. Just starting out, I was troubled by the lawsuit, and the feud with my old club just ended, and I was asked for compensation by a food company. Like a curse, Chen Chusheng’s career is always full of right and wrong. "I don’t know what’s going on, and I have handed it over to a lawyer. When I encounter so many bumps in my career, sometimes I feel very depressed, but everyone will encounter many unsatisfactory things. Since it has happened, I will face it positively. "

        Except for a guest appearance in Le Huo Boy and singing the theme song for The Wind, Chen Chusheng has never been involved in the film industry again. After joining Huayi, it should be said that Chen Chusheng’s chances of acting in movies have greatly increased, but he is still obsessed with his music. "At present, I haven’t thought about the plan of movies, but I prefer literary films and war films. I really want to try the role of a soldier, mainly because I want to see what I look like in a military uniform." Unexpectedly, the prince of love songs, who has always been a weak scholar, actually likes the tough guy role full of blood.

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