Order a single group class, online sparring, ranking points … Movement into the "cloud"

  Data sources: Bida Consulting and iResearch Consulting.

  Cartography of this edition: Shen Yiling

  Core reading

  In recent years, Internet fitness has increasingly become a hot spot in people’s exercise and fitness. In the Statistical Classification of Sports Industry revised in 2019, sports fitness, sports network audio-visual and sports network live broadcast were added to "Internet sports service", covering many new applications of internet plus in sports field. Online punching, live training and customized courses & HELIP; … Fitness enthusiasts have more choices.

  "Hello, everyone, today I will teach you five moves to improve your balance and stability … …” On the Internet sports and fitness platform KEEP, Xiao Feng, a fitness coach who lives in Huangpu District, Shanghai, sent an invitation to his students through the lens.

  "Excuse me, the action of four-legged support extension, is the foot extended backwards with toes straight or backward?" After a fan left a message asking questions, Xiao Feng gave the answer, "Toes are not the key point, but the main thing is to keep your legs straight."

  In recent years, fitness apps such as KEEP, Glug, and Yue Run Circle have developed rapidly. With the screen learning movements, muscle training, punching cards and competitions, such scenes are becoming more and more common. Up to now, Sina Weibo’s "Homestay Healthy Exercise Plan" has been read more than 3.7 billion times, and "Cloud Fitness" has triggered a hot topic from fitness actions to diet adjustment.

  Online class appointment by mobile phone

  Expand the fitness scene, enhance the sense of group participation, and conform to the rhythm of modern life.

  "I have done a few gym cards before, and I finally lost it." Huang Meiling, a Shanghai resident engaged in the financial industry, is a senior fitness enthusiast. In his past fitness experience, he once encountered a gym "running away" and failed to stick to it because the course was boring … … Later, she began to practice movements and run at home with fitness APP courses.

  "But it’s boring to practice alone for a long time." In the past two years, Huang Meiling has made a new choice — — Participate in the small offline course of network fitness platform: group class.

  With the deep integration of the Internet and the fitness industry, the miniaturized and "convenience store" offline fitness mode is booming. Through fitness applets and apps such as Super Orangutan and Leke, you can book various fitness courses by "ordering" with your mobile phone, and regular teams "open groups", which changes the traditional mode of card handling and prepayment in the gym, making it more flexible and convenient, and adds social and e-commerce attributes to make fitness more fun.

  The group class once again inspired Huang Meiling’s fitness enthusiasm: "This kind of course is more flexible, can also be customized privately, and can also meet like-minded friends." Now, she has obtained the relevant documents and has become a part-time fitness instructor herself.

  "The involvement of the Internet can realize the digitalization of fitness information and better provide customized services for users." Han Wei, founder of Leke Sports, said that through reasonable information collection and feedback from members, users’ sports preferences can be judged, so as to carry out accurate push.

  In the view of He Wenyi, deputy director of Peking University National Sports Industry Research Base, both online exercise and offline team formation reflect the empowerment of the Internet to the development of the fitness industry, "breaking the time and space limitations of traditional gyms, fitness enthusiasts can train anytime and anywhere, participate in online exchanges and competitions, which is full of group participation and more suitable for the life rhythm of modern people."

  Multiple scenes and multiple choices

  Stimulate the consumption of sports equipment, change exercise habits and help develop a healthy lifestyle.

  In the first half of this year, offline fitness venues were temporarily closed. "For us, although the venue has not opened, the coaches and users have always been there." The person in charge of the super orangutan introduced that during the epidemic prevention and control, the company carried out online live broadcast and online "training camp" projects. The "Accompanying Training Camp" project lasts for 14 days, and each class is accompanied by professional coaches for online sports guidance and diet supervision, including quantitative training and online sparring. This form has retained many users. By the end of April, more than 1,500 "training camps" had attracted more than 15,000 users to participate.

  "During that time, users stayed at home, and the curriculum design also fully took this into account." For example, the person in charge of the super orangutan used a rag in their training class on leg muscles to encourage users to wipe the floor while exercising.

  Online service innovation has enabled the company to run smoothly in a special period. Nowadays, although offline stores have gradually resumed business, the popularity of online courses has not diminished … …

  "Following the screen movement, the effect is definitely not as good as offline, but for many users with low sports foundation, they have also gained new experiences." Han Wei said that some time ago, Leke Sports also launched online products; A housewife from Xiaozhiyao Village, Shenze County, Hebei Province sent a thank-you letter to the company after taking an online fitness course.

  "Online layout and experimentation have created diverse consumption scenarios." Wang Xueli, director of Tsinghua University Sports Industry Development Research Center, believes that this has eased the pressure on enterprises to a certain extent, boosted the sales of sports equipment, and even inspired the future development of the fitness industry.

  "Now online courses are more and more abundant, and I am more and more inclined to choose online courses." Ms. Zhou, a fitness enthusiast and media person in Shanghai, said that she used to be a group class enthusiast, but now she prefers to follow the live broadcast or choose a more comprehensive fitness method that combines outdoor and indoor.

  Demand growth, service upgrade

  Pay attention to content construction, strengthen creative design, and keep users’ freshness and experience.

  In recent years, the demand for mass fitness is growing day by day, and more and more people are concerned about sports health and other topics. On major social platforms, free fitness guidance videos are increasingly abundant.

  Wang Xueli thinks that free video may have an impact on the development of Internet fitness enterprises, but it also puts forward higher requirements: paid courses must be irreplaceable enough to gain competitiveness, "for example, using social attributes and adopting incentives such as points and rankings." Wang Xueli said.

  "In fact, the purpose of many people’s fitness now is not only to exercise, but also to have social attributes." He Wenyi believes that the Internet has broadened the connotation of the fitness industry to a certain extent. While users participate in fitness, they also pay more attention to the social functions of fitness platforms.

  "Therefore, in order to develop the Internet fitness platform, we must pay attention to content construction." He Wenyi said that once the freshness and fashion sense of simple fitness are weakened, the user stickiness of the platform is bound to be affected. In order to remain attractive to users, the platform must have enough creative settings. "Just like playing games, there must be a level."

  Huang Meiling agrees with this. After going through gym training, personal training, and then taking a group class, in her view, it is also important to maintain the habit of paying for fitness for a long time, in addition to health needs and cost factors, constantly updated projects and models bring continuous freshness and experience. "For example, practicing in the classroom next to the office building, with large French windows, we practice in it, others watch it outside, and we will jump up with it." Huang Meiling said that this atmosphere is one of the driving forces for her persistence.

  "Healthy China Action (2019— 2030) shows that by 2022, the proportion of people who regularly participate in sports will reach 37%, and by 2030, this figure will reach 40%. "At this stage, many people realize the importance of good health and have the motivation to keep fit." Wang Xueli believes that for the sports industry, including Internet fitness enterprises, people should pay attention to health, develop themselves and serve the society. For enterprises, we must meet the needs of the public with better products and services.