The murder case that was hidden for 19 years was solved! Tracing the "bizarre" story behind the case

  Cctv newsThe Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yiwu Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province has an area of case wall, which records more than 100 unsolved homicide cases from 1980s to now. One of the cases happened at the end of 1999. What kind of case was it and what unknown story was behind it?

  In 19 years, this field in Fotang Town, Yiwu City can be changed, and a person can be changed beyond recognition. Today, it is the second time that this middle-aged man has come to this land. It has been 19 years since he came here last time. Nineteen years ago, he was still a young man, and when he set foot on this land again, his face was old and his figure was bent. As a suspect in a murder case, he came here to identify the crime scene of a murder case in 1999 under the escort of two policemen in handcuffs.

  This photo was taken by Yiwu police during the on-site investigation after the case happened that year. It is obvious from the photos that there is a stream at the crime scene, a stone bridge on the stream, and a small house beside the bridge. Nowadays, these obvious characteristics no longer exist.

  The passage of time has caused great changes in this land, so great that the suspect Luo Mokang is unrecognizable, but the murder case that happened in this place 19 years ago will not be covered up with the passage of time, and the truth will be slowly uncovered with the arrest of the suspect.

  Time goes back to November 18th, 1999. At that time, Yiwu police received a report from the masses that a man was lying in a stream in Houyang Village, Fotang Town.

  After the investigation around the crime scene, the police found that the first scene of the crime was not by the stream, but in a small house on the side, where the police found a brick with blood.

  The police hand-painted the scene map to record the crime environment.

  This is a hand-painted scene map of the police handling the case at that time, which clearly records the geographical environment of the crime scene and also indicates some physical evidence and clues extracted at the scene. Although many years have passed, the progress of science and technology has also made public security organs replace hand-drawn drawings with more advanced and accurate computer drawings. However, in the mind of the police who drew this scene map at that time, the situation during the scene investigation of this case is still vivid.

  Because the case happened in the open field with few people, it is very difficult to conduct on-site investigation. At that time, the police didn’t find any more clues except the crime tools and the blood on the scene.

  Due to the limitation of technical means in those years, the physical evidence extracted from the scene did not have any clues to solve the case. At that time, the most important investigation method for police to handle cases was to visit and investigate. After investigating the identity of the deceased Luo Moujun, the police quickly found his close contact.

  The police investigation revealed that Luo Moujun was not a native of Yiwu. He came from Yanhe, Guizhou, and came to Yiwu in March 1999. He was accompanied by his wife Yang.

  The three were fellow villagers who had committed theft before the crime.

  In addition, the police also learned that there is a man named Luo Mokang who lives with Luo Moujun and his wife. All three of them are fellow villagers and came to Yiwu at the same time. So the police decided to look for these two people to understand the situation first.

  If these two people came to Yiwu for theft, then in the eyes of the police, their social background became very complicated. After Yang’s memory, the night before the incident, Luo Moujun and Luo Mokang went out together.

  At that time, Yang confessed that he asked what happened to Luo Mokang and why Luo Mojun didn’t come back, but she said that Luo Mokang didn’t speak and didn’t disclose anything, just saying that he had something to go out with others.

  A fellow villager has a major suspect and disappeared after the incident.

  The night before, we went out to steal together, but only Luo Mokang came back the next day, and the death time of Luo Mojun was that night. The police analyzed that Luo Mokang was very suspected of committing a crime, and at this time Luo Mokang had no trace, so the police immediately set about tracking Luo Mokang.

  The wife seems to be hiding her abnormal relationship with her fellow villagers.

  At the same time, the police also tried to know the whereabouts of Luo Mokang by asking Yang. However, when Yang was asked by the police, he seemed to be hiding something, and the police also learned from the side that the relationship between Yang and Luo Mokang was not simple.

  In this way, half a year has passed, and the police have not achieved any results in the pursuit of Luo Mokang. The legal time limit for monitoring Yang’s residence has arrived. Because there is no evidence that Yang is involved in the case, the police have to cancel the restrictions on Yang.

  The suspect disappeared without a trace, and the case did not progress.

  Due to the limitations of the original technical means, the traces of Yang and Luo Mokang were never found by the police. Time passed day by day, but the case has not progressed. Slowly, this case has become a backlog of the Yiwu Public Security Bureau.

  On the third floor of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yiwu Public Security Bureau, there is a wall with unsolved murders, which records 102 unsolved murders since the 1980s. This case, in which Luo Moujun was killed in 1999, was among them.

  Among these unsolved cases, the murder of Luo Moujun has a clear investigation direction and goal, and this case has always been the top priority for public security organs to break through the backlog.

  Since there is no news of Luo Mokang and Yang, Yiwu police can only go to their hometown again and again, in the mountainous area of Yanhe County, Guizhou Province, hoping to learn about Luo Mokang’s movements through local villagers or persuade the suspects to bring them to justice through them. In the more than 10 years after the incident, the policemen of the Criminal Police Brigade of Yiwu Public Security Bureau came and went for six generations, and this case is also the pain in the hearts of every generation of policemen.

  It is recorded in these pursuit logs that it is far more troublesome to visit and investigate in Guizhou than expected, not to mention how inconvenient the traffic to the mountainous area is. More importantly, the local area is very closed and the legal quality of local villagers is not high. They have not been able to provide any valuable information to the police.

  At the same time, the police also learned that there was no trace of Yang after he released his surveillance residence and returned to his hometown. In view of the special relationship between Yang and Luo Mokang, the police speculated that they were probably together, so can they find Luo Mokang through Yang?

  There is a breakthrough in portrait comparison, and there is a turn for the better.

  Yiwu police constantly changed their thinking and went to Guizhou along the river many times, but they did not achieve any substantive results. In this way, the time came to May of 2017. With the progress of science and technology, the public security organs of Zhejiang Province conducted a nationwide portrait comparison among the fugitives in the province who had photo conditions in order to centrally clean up the backlog. In this round of comparison, there is a news about this case. In Fujian, a man was compared with Luo Mokang’s photo in 1999.

  As soon as this news came out, all the police handling the case were very excited. Due to the progress of criminal science, the police saw the hope of cracking the case.

  Locking the suspect and being excluded, the police still have not given up.

  When the inspection team of Yiwu police rushed to Fujian to investigate, they found that the man they targeted was a native of the local people, and this clue obtained by portrait comparison was ruled out. However, the police did not give up, because they felt that the suspect Luo Mokang seemed to be getting closer and closer to them.

  19 years after the incident, the suspect surrendered himself.

  The repeated work of the police along the river in Guizhou finally paid off. On November 29, 2017, exactly 19 years after the case occurred, Luo Mokang, who had been hiding in Xinjiang, was forced to surrender to the local public security organs.

  The truth surfaced immediately after the case was solved.

  Both Luo Mokang and Yang were arrested, and the murder case that happened in 1999 was solved. However, there are still many questions that will make us wonder. Why do two people who are fellow villagers have to kill people? And why did Yang live with his husband’s enemies for so many years?

  Grow up together and go to work in a foreign land together.

  Luo Moujun and Luo Mokang are both fellow villagers. They were born in a small mountain village along the river in Guizhou and grew up together. Luo Mokang said that Luo Moujun is a few years older than himself and is regarded as his eldest brother, but Luo Moujun has a bad temper and has bullied himself since childhood.

  However, it is normal to have small fights between fellow villagers, which did not cause any major contradictions between them. Not only that, in early 1999, Luo Moujun found Luo Mokang and said that he would take him to Yiwu to work and earn money.

  At this time, Luo Moujun’s wife, Yang, had just given birth to a child, and she was left unattended at home, so she followed them to Yiwu.

  After arriving in Yiwu, Luo Mokang realized that Luo Moujun’s so-called part-time job was actually theft.

  Three people live together in a house. During the day, Luo Moujun usually goes out alone to step on the spot, and then takes Luo Mokang to steal at night. So during the day, only Luo Mokang stayed at home with Yang. After a long time, the two people had an ambiguous emotion and then developed into a lover relationship.

  I found my wife and fellow villagers as lovers and threatened them with it.

  However, the relationship between the two was quickly discovered by Luo Moujun, but Luo Moujun, who knew this situation, did not drive Luo Mokang away, but threatened Luo Mokang to work for himself.

  Uneven distribution of stolen goods after unprovoked abuse and theft

  After that, Luo Moujun often abused Luo Moukang for no reason, and also instructed him to commit theft alone, but he didn’t give him money when he finally divided the spoils. At first, out of guilt and fear, Luo Moukang always obeyed Luo Moujun.

  Long-term resentment finally broke out in my heart.

  However, after a period of time, Luo Moujun did not converge, but intensified his resentment against Luo Mokang. Slowly, Luo Mokang had a resentment in his heart. On November 17, 1999, Luo Moujun took Luo Mokang to Fotang Town, Yiwu. After stepping on it, they hid in an abandoned small house in a nearby field to rest, ready to wait until it was dark before committing the theft.

  Hearing that Luo Moujun had to carry out the theft by himself, the resentment that Luo Mokang had been accumulating in his heart finally broke out, so the two men quarreled in that small house. Luo Mokang went to the door and picked up the brick. When he returned to the house, he used this brick to smash Luo Moujun’s head.

  After Luo Moujun was unconscious, Luo Mokang dragged him out of the house and pushed him from the bridge into the stream. Then he fled the scene.

  Early the next morning, Luo Mokang hurried back to his residence and met Yang. Luo Mokang casually made up a lie saying that he was not with Luo Moujun.

  After that, Luo Mokang packed up his things and fled back to his hometown. Then the police found Yang and told her that Luo Moujun had been killed and asked her to cooperate with the investigation. However, Yang’s attitude made the police feel that she was hiding something. Coupled with the special relationship between them, Yiwu police took compulsory measures to monitor her residence on suspicion of intentional homicide.

  Half a year later, because there was no direct evidence, Yang’s surveillance residence was cancelled, and then Yang returned to his hometown. However, her husband died, and the murderer is likely to be her lover. In the closed countryside, people are fearful, so she contacted Luo Mokang again and ran to Xinjiang with him.

  Escape road, hard life, no choice but to surrender.

  However, life in Xinjiang is not as good as they thought. Because they dare not reveal their identity, they can only get less money than others when they work, and they are frightened every day. As long as there is any trouble, they will move and live in another place immediately.

  Under the pressure of such a life, Luo Mokang thought of turning himself in. Yang was also arrested for harboring crimes. This old case can finally come to an end. It was a relief for Luo Mokang to be arrested at the end of 19 years, but for generations of police handling cases, the cracking of a murder case will naturally bring joy to his heart, but it is more of a relief.