Huang Zhengmin attended the conference of "Negotiation" and Hyun Bin first talked about his feelings as a father.

1905 movie network news On December 20th, local time, a film production report was held in Seoul, South Korea, and the director, actor, and Jiang Qiyong appeared. This is also the first public appearance of Hyun Bin after he became a father. On the same day, Hyun Bin appeared in a black suit with a beard, and was interviewed by the media together with Huang Zhengmin and other masters.

The host of the production report asked Hyun Bin, who played an expert in negotiation, so did she give you any advice when filming Negotiation? He said that the role of the work was completely different, so she didn’t give any special advice. However, Hyun Bin’s answer was caught by Huang Zhengmin. "So you two dated at that time?" The new dad is a little overwhelmed.

Asked at the scene, Hyun Bin also expressed his feelings of being a father for the first time. "After the child is born, it should be said that the shoulders will become heavier in the future. As a parent of a family, if you want to show a handsome father, you should do your job well."

The film Negotiation is directed by Soon-rye Yim and starring Huang Zhengmin and Hyun Bin. The film is based on the real kidnapping case of Koreans in Afghanistan in 2007. It tells the story of Huang Zhengmin’s diplomat Zheng Zaihao and the people who helped him to save 23 Koreans kidnapped by terrorists. Hyun Bin will be transformed into a special agent partner of the National Institute of Defense, Huang Zhengmin, to start a wonderful action play.

Earlier, director Soon-rye Yim talked about the combination of Huang Zhengmin and Hyun Bin in an interview, saying: "The film needs actors who can convince the audience well, so I thought of Huang Zhengmin. Hyun Bin and Huang Zhengmin are familiar privately, but they have never cooperated. I think there is a chemical reaction in the intimacy between two people, probably because they have trust in each other, and they can feel that intimacy from the same frame. Although they are in an uncompromising relationship in the film. "

The film Negotiation was shot in Jordan from July to September, 2020, and the film’s pure production cost reached 14 billion won. So far, no female director has made more than 10 billion films in Korea. It is reported that the film will be released in South Korea on January 18, 2023.