In the finale of "Ideal City", Wu Hongmei flies to the branches and becomes a phoenix? The screenwriter hinted that there would be a reversal

Sun Li, Mark Chao and other starring "The Ideal City" finally ushered in a grand finale. Compared with Su Xiao and Xia Ming’s triumphant progress in the workplace, the transformation of female No.2 Wu Hongmei is even more eye-catching. High flyers, a graduate of this prestigious school, chose the chairman of the list to turn over after her former friends countered with strength.

However, after many people thought that Wu Hongmei became a phoenix by dressing up as a white rabbit, the screenwriter hinted that the ending of this character would be reversed. "She has to go through the tempering of fire and ice to reshape her personality before she can really stand up." That is to say, Wu Hongmei’s character does not stop there.

Wu Hongmei, played by Gao Ye, is a little tragic in The Ideal City. After experiencing the pain of family of origin, this girl from an ordinary background wanted to seek a way out by working, but as a result, she met Maria, the vicious boss in the workplace, and PUA, the ubiquitous boyfriend in her life, made her breathless. If she is a mindless girl who is willing to live an ordinary life, none of these difficulties will exist, but the problem is that she is not content with it.

The conflict of several details aggravated Wu Hongmei’s tragedy. Wu Hongmei, a good girl, remitted the money to her parents in her hometown on time every month after work. Her parents promised to save it for her future marriage, but when she and her boyfriend were going to buy a house and wanted to get the money back, they were told that the money had already been used to buy a new house for her brother, and the new house didn’t have Wu Hongmei’s name, and the new home didn’t have her room. Wu Hongmei, who was treated in this way, was extremely wronged. When she returned to Shanghai, she was scolded by her boyfriend, and she was not human inside and outside.

Wu Hongmei is conscientious in her work, and even if her boss makes unreasonable demands, she dare not refuse. She only wants to get a promotion and raise through her own efforts, but in the eyes of her boss Maria, her work performance is mediocre and there is never a bright spot. Even because she didn’t know how to be circuitous and flattering, Maria sent someone to keep an eye on her every move, for fear that she would say something she shouldn’t say in front of the chairman or the board of directors.

After working hard for a year, when she was faced with a performance evaluation at the end of the year to set a bonus, Wu Hongmei got a B instead of the ideal A. She went to her boss to find an explanation, and only got a sentence of "Keep working hard". She didn’t dare to quit her job, and she didn’t dare to speak out. She could only swallow the bullying again and again silently. After returning home, she waited on her boyfriend like a big momma, not only was she not comforted, but she was repeatedly persuaded to be patient and not to have a hard time with money. Finally, I got my friend Su Xiao transferred to work in the group. Seeing that she was one step closer to promotion and salary increase, her boyfriend vomited that she ignored her family and was not worth the candle.

In addition, her friend Su Xiao’s rocket-like promotion and salary increase in the workplace also brought great stimulation to Wu Hongmei. She thinks that her ability is not bad. She always feels that what she lacks is only opportunity, can’t see through the people in the workplace, and doesn’t know how to refuse and detour. She is destined to be a follower if she doesn’t change. But obviously her ambition is not limited to this, so she finally took a slant and chose the big tree Zhao Xiankun to counterattack.

Judging from the ending of Ideal City at present, many people will think that Wu Hongmei will fly to the branches and become a phoenix, but in fact, her ending is far more than superficial. In response to the concerns of netizens, screenwriter Zhou Wei explicitly mentioned that "her road is still long. She is eager to be saved by a powerful man now. This is an external request, not an awakening. She has to be tempered by fire and ice to reshape her character before she can really stand up. "

That is to say, in the screenwriter’s vision, Wu Hongmei is not a woman who will rely on men to take the upper position. Being with Zhao Xiankun may be a stopgap measure or a springboard, but it is definitely not her final destination. Zhou Wei mentioned that "the strength of this character lies in the back. If TV series 2 will be made in the future, it will be complete if she and Zhao are trimmed a little." Therefore, following this clue, although Wu Hongmei in the sequel will not have so many scenes, it should be better.