"Jiangnan Jiali Land, Jinling Imperial State". As the "ancient capital of the Six Dynasties", Nanjing’s dreamlike historical features are inexhaustible. From the summit of Zhongshan Mountain to the bank of the Yangtze River, from urban streets to rural buildings, Nanjing is full of vitality and generate.

  The beauty of Nanjing is in downtown, in secluded lanes, by the river and in the exhibition hall. As the "city landmark" of Nanjing for many years, Nanjing International Expo Center has touched the pulse of the city’s culture, art and technology, and numerous exhibitions, forums and performances have been staged here. Tomorrow, the five-day (April 29th-May 3rd) 2023 16th China (Nanjing) International Automobile Expo and New Energy Smart Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing International Automobile Expo") will also set sail here. This exhibition will conform to the wave of the new era of the industry and focus on the transformation trend of new energy. Intelligent and scientific content undoubtedly occupies the "C" stage of this auto show, injecting new kinetic energy into the automobile consumption of the ancient capital Nanjing.

  Since its establishment in 2009, Nanjing International Automobile Expo has been refreshing since its first exhibition, and now it has crossed the cycle and epidemic situation, leading Jinling automobile market and boosting automobile consumption. The glorious history of 15 years, like a slowly unfolding picture scroll, has been rubbed into the deepest memory of Jinling citizens.

  The theme of this year’s auto show is "Huanxin Travel and Huigou May Day", which is guided by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Jiangsu Automobile Industry Office, sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Branch, Jiangsu Automobile Dealers Chamber of Commerce, Wuhan Shangge Exhibition Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Nanjing Shangge Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  This year, Nanjing International Automobile Expo, as an important part of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce’s "Su Xin Consumption" and the main venue of Nanjing International Consumption Festival of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, opened four indoor exhibition halls (4, 5, 6 and 7) and outdoor squares of Nanjing International Expo Center, bringing together most mainstream automobile manufacturers in China, with an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters. The models cover luxury imports, new joint ventures, independent manufacturing, new energy, new forces in car making and other fields.

  Huan’s "new" trip will activate the pure electric heart of the automobile market.

  As an annual large-scale professional auto show in Nanjing, this year’s auto show not only lays the overall situation of the auto industry this year, but also serves as a weather vane and barometer for the development of the auto industry in the coming year, which plays a role in forecasting and forecasting. The holding of this auto show not only shows the determination and strength of China from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country to the whole industry, but also reflects the brand-new vitality of the automobile industry in the era of deep change.

  By then, BYD, Tengshi, Weilai, Ideality, Extreme Krypton, AITO Wenjie, Aouita, Smart, Lotus, Geometry, Ai ‘an, Nezha, Zero Run, Lantu, Zhiji, Feifan, Extreme Fox and Euler will all bring their latest models to the site.

  Lotus ELETRE, BYD Seagull, Tengshi N7, Ideality L7, Zhiji LS7, Aouita 11, Feifan F7, Lantu Chasing Light, Extreme Krypton X, Nezha GT and many other brand-new models are expected to take over Shanghai for this exhibition.

  Take over Shanghai International Auto Show, a number of new cars debut in Nanjing.

  At this year’s auto show, consumers will see a number of brands deepening tram products, while fuel vehicles are constantly innovating. Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition, Red Flag Million Luxury Car Red Flag LS7, Volvo XC90, Tank 500 Hybrid Model, FAW Toyota bZ3, Wei Brand Blue Mountain, Lingke 08, Mazda CX-50, Kia New K3, Ford F-150 Special Edition, Buick Electra E5, Great Wall Pickup Mountain and Sea Gun, Geely Xingyue L, brand-new Ford Sharp L, Harvard Second Generation Big Dog, new star.

  Judging from the new cars on site, the trend of major car companies entering the new energy wave has become more and more obvious, and all kinds of exhibits have become more and more intelligent. The functions of intelligent assisted driving system and intelligent cockpit have become the focus of major car companies’ current research and development of new products.

  Brand-new activities are wonderful and upgraded, and the national carnival is unprecedented

  Nanjing International Automobile Expo also focuses on the promotion of automobile culture. This year’s auto show will focus on consumer experience and new lifestyle, create diversified service formats and build a city traffic center in the fields of automobile culture, parent-child, entertainment and consumption.

  During the same period, many activities will be held, such as 2023 Jiangsu Automobile Development Summit Forum, Global Elite International Car Model Competition, Meeting Ice Cream Festival, Weilai Outdoor Life Festival, and Jinling Star Anchor, so that citizens can feel the colorful charm of Nanjing International Car Expo in the fashion and entertainment feast.

  Auto show opening discount, first helping the car market to release consumption

  With the gradual weakening of the epidemic, residents’ consumption will be released, and national and local governments will continue to promote investment and consumption to drive the overall economy. Looking at the auto market in the first half of the year, this auto show has the opportunity to become a weather vane to anchor the confidence of the auto market.

  The Organizing Committee will take the major exhibitors to give back to consumers with preferential activities such as direct cash drop, discount promotion and half-price cars, so as to promote automobile consumption in the middle of the year. The major financial industries will also devote themselves to exhibitions, offering loans and gifts for the citizens to buy cars, and strive to ignite the highest enthusiasm of Jinling citizens for buying cars with the greatest discount. In addition, in order to give back to the vast number of exhibition and car buyers, the organizing committee of the auto show specially set up activities such as "Exhibition Lottery" and "Car Lottery". All car buyers at the auto show will have the opportunity to draw the 4,999 cash prize, and there will also be many gifts such as Xiaomi electronic products.

  At the historic turning point of China’s automobile industry, the 2023 Nanjing International Automobile Expo has become an important exhibition activity of Nanjing’s local automobile industry and an important platform to lead the development of the industry and promote automobile consumption. In the future, Nanjing International Automobile Expo will continue to help the automobile industry take off and contribute to the steady and healthy development of the industry.