Lei Jun Tik Tok Live: Drive Xiaomi SU7 electric car in person and make a handsome appearance! The popularity is directly 100,000+,and a SU7 alloy car model is drawn every minute.

Fast Technology reported on April 18th that at 4 o’clock this afternoon, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Company, started the live broadcast on the Tik Tok platform as scheduled, which instantly attracted more than 100,000 viewers.

The background of this live broadcast is located in Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing. With the launch of the live broadcast,Lei Jun personally drove the Xiaomi SU7 electric car, which brought a unique display to the audience.

Regarding Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun once revealed that there were many "unexpected" discoveries and innovations in the development process. He hoped to take this live broadcast opportunity to communicate with fans all kinds of experiences since Xiaomi SU7 went public.

In order to increase the interactivity and viewing experience, Lei Jun also prepared exquisite gifts including a limited edition 1:18 scale SU7 alloy car model and customized mugs matching the color of SU7. It is planned to take one piece every minute during the live broadcast as a thank you to the fans.

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