It makes sense to become an explosion.

Generally speaking, the task of a full-size SUV is often not to take the volume, but to raise everyone’s understanding of the brand as much as possible. After all, with the blessing of cutting-edge technology and top configuration, the price of millions of dollars often makes many consumers flinch. However, in today’s involuted market, the appearance of new forces has changed this situation. Among them, the M9, which was listed at the end of 2023, handed over the achievement of breaking 50,000 vehicles in less than a quarter and expressed its strength to the market with practical actions.

As the flagship SUV under AITO’s brand, the M9 in the field of inquiry is in place first. The brand-new "Kunpeng Wings Spreading" family design of the new car looks spacious and powerful from the front of the car. The functions of daytime running lights, far and near headlights, intelligent interactive lights and air intake ducts are all integrated into the same design element, showing the simplicity and style of the new energy vehicle. It also ensures strong functionality.

The front intelligent interactive light has millions of pixels, the shape is integrated with the headlights, and it looks distinct. It supports pixel-level animation and text display, and also acts as an interactive function with pedestrians. It can project corresponding text to the ground and even project a 150-inch 2K outdoor screen, which is full of technology.

Hidden on the side of the simple car body is the huge car body of Wenjie M9, with the length, width and height of 5230*1999*1800mm and the wheelbase of 3110mm, which shows a strong administrative atmosphere with four electric doors. At the same time, the drag coefficient of the vehicle has not been relaxed because of its excessive size, and the performance of 0.26cd is much stronger than that of the same class of traditional luxury brands.

With the same design language as the front of the car, the rear of the car looks simple and very stable. The common design of the integrated penetrating taillight group and the tail interactive light divides the rear into two parts, in which there is not only a contrasting car body but also an integrated spoiler tail. As for the interactive taillights, they can also show different text and image effects.

The interior of AITO Boundary M9 is designed with a double-embracing cockpit, which is covered with a large number of high-grade NAPPA leather. The central armrest and door panel are decorated with natural cork, which is very textured as a whole. At the same time, the details of the audio decoration and crystal knob above the center console also highlight the texture that a luxury car should have.

One Glass triple screen system consists of full LCD instrument+central control screen and co-pilot entertainment screen, with a newly upgraded Xiaoyi intelligent assistant built in, and also supports multi-person and multi-device collaborative experience, super desktop 2.0, all-round adaptive adjustment and other functional operations. HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit is built based on Ark engine, which can not only provide rich functional experience, but also accurately identify voiceprint and sound zone.

The leather material of the seat has a high touch, and the feeling of supporting the human body when sitting on it is also in place. You can feel the thicker filler, and with the functions of multi-directional adjustment and heating, ventilation and massage, long-distance commuting can be quite comfortable. What’s more, the passenger seat also has leg rests and pedals, which can also act as the "queen’s passenger" when there is no one in the back row.

Compared with the experience in the front row, the second and third rows of the M9 should be paid more attention to by everyone. The front and rear adjustable range of the second row seats is very large, and the two independent seats also support the functions of heating, ventilation and massage. It is worth noting that the boss seat has a unique zero-gravity mode, and the passenger seat will move forward and fold after this function is turned on.

As for the third row, M9 didn’t ignore it at all. Not only the backrest and cushion are electrically adjusted, but also the seat heating function and USB-C interface are equipped. Moreover, the maximum power of the interface can also reach 66w, and the treatment enjoyed is almost the same as that of the front row. Plus the excellent space, sitting in the third row is also very comfortable.

As the flagship car, the M9 also carries a 32-inch curtain in the back row of the car. Different from the display screen, it can be completely stored when folded without affecting the lighting, and it can also provide excellent audio-visual entertainment experience for the second and third rows of passengers when opened. Thanks to the larger size, the effect of the third row of passengers is quite clear when watching.

As for power, the M9 has two power forms: pure electricity and extended range, and both are equipped with dual motors. Among them, the pure electric version has a maximum power of 390kW and a peak torque of 673 N m. The CLTC with a 100kWh battery can last up to 630km. The extended-range version is composed of front and rear dual motors and a 1.5T engine. The maximum power of the system is 365kW, the peak torque is 675N·m, the battery capacity is 42/52kWh, the pure electric cruising range can reach 190/233km, and the comprehensive cruising range exceeds 1200km.

Write at the end:

Since the birth of AITO brand, it has won enthusiastic pursuit in the market, and this kind of voice has reached its peak after the listing of M9. The best proof is that it has exceeded 50,000 vehicles in less than one quarter. Nowadays, in the face of the rising brand of new power, consumers are also expressing their support with practical actions.