Main funding

Communication equipment concept stocks are sought after by funds.

On September 14th, the three major A-share indexes were mixed, with the Shanghai Composite Index rising by 0.11%, the Shenzhen Composite Index falling by 0.57%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index falling by 0.78%, and the Growth Enterprise Market Index approaching the 2000 mark, hitting a new 40-month low. The turnover of the two cities was 665.8 billion yuan, and the net sales of northbound funds exceeded 6 billion yuan. The industry sector rose less and fell more, and the precious metals and coal industries strengthened.

According to the statistics of Securities Times and Data Treasure, from the perspective of capital flow, the main capital of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has a net outflow of 15.999 billion yuan, of which the constituent stocks of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index have a net outflow of 3.274 billion yuan.

In terms of industry, only the main funds of six industries showed a net inflow, and the net inflow of coal industry was 1.072 billion yuan, ranking first; The net inflow of funds in the three industries of communication, medicine, biology and petroleum and petrochemical all exceeded 100 million yuan.

The net outflow of the two industries exceeded 2 billion yuan, the net outflow of the electronics industry exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the net outflow of the computer industry exceeded 2.251 billion yuan; The net outflow of power equipment, media and mechanical equipment exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Funds to buy two shares exceeded 600 million yuan.

From the perspective of individual stocks, only 23 shares of funds have a net inflow of over 100 million yuan today. Among them, the net inflow of the main capital of Celeste, the leading stock in the industrial chain, was 684 million yuan, ranking first; The stock had a strong daily limit in early trading. On September 12th, the new M7 series of AITO Media was officially launched. As a brand with deep cooperation between Huawei and Celestial, AITO Media has attracted much attention since its birth.

Secondly, N Shengke -U, the leading Ethernet switching chip in China, went public today, with the main capital of 643 million yuan. In the news, affected by the completion of all the functional test cases of Huawei’s 5G-A, the concept plate of 6G and communication equipment strengthened sharply, and many related concept stocks went up daily. Dongfang Communication, ZTE, China Telecom, Wuhan Fangu, Tongyu Communication and Alaide all gained overweight against the trend, and the net inflow of main funds all exceeded 100 million yuan.

Today, coal stocks led the gains, Yankuang Energy AH shares all rose more than 5%, Antai Group’s daily limit, Shanxi Coking Coal and Jinkong Coal all rose more than 5%. Among them, the main funds of Yankuang Energy, Shanxi Coking Coal, Lu ‘an Huaneng and Jinkong Coal bought more than 100 million yuan.

Cinda Securities said that at present, the coal sector has the characteristics of high performance, high cash and high dividends, and the characteristics of high prosperity, long cycle and high barriers in the overlapping industry, as well as low valuation level and first-and second-class valuation upside down, and the investment in the coal sector is both offensive and defensive.

Huawei’s concept stocks continue to be active, with Jierong Technology leading 10 boards in 12 days and Rieter’s 5 boards in 7 days. Jierong Technology has a net capital inflow of 116 million yuan today. However, the net outflow of the stock today was 61,602,900 yuan, of which Guotai Junan Securities Beijing Guanghua Road Sales Department sold 43,888,400 yuan and Essence Securities Xi ‘an Qujiangchi South Road Sales Department sold 37,466,600 yuan.

According to the statistics of data treasure, the net outflow of 35 main funds exceeded 100 million yuan. Huawei’s concept stocks and Fujian Free Trade Zone’s concept stocks fled sharply. The net outflow of the main funds of Huali Chuangtong and Huaying Technology exceeded 400 million yuan, Pingtan’s development exceeded 300 million yuan, and Taiwan Strait Innovation also showed a net outflow of over 200 million yuan.

In addition, major funds such as Wuliangye, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, Zhejiang Jiantou, BYD, and People’s Daily Online all made substantial net outflows.

The net inflow of funds into the computer and other sectors in the late session.

The decline in the late market narrowed, and the net inflow of main funds in the late market of the two cities was 893 million yuan. In terms of industries, there were net inflows of main funds from 20 industries at the end of the session, and the net inflows from five industries, namely computer, non-bank finance, coal, machinery and equipment, and national defense and military industry, exceeded 100 million yuan, with the computer industry having the highest net inflow of 160 million yuan.

In terms of individual stocks, Huali Chuangtong and Dongfang Guoxin were among the top two late-trading capital inflows, with 78.5924 million yuan and 73.8664 million yuan respectively. The net inflow of the main capital of the new stock N Shengke -U and the AI concept stock Kunlun Wanwei all exceeded 60 million yuan.

The outflow of funds from Zhongji Xuchuang, the leading stock in computing power, exceeded 56 million yuan, ranking first. As the leading stock of CPO, the stock has been sharply adjusted back by over 35% since its highest price in June.

According to the company’s recent survey, from the perspective of demand structure in the next year, the demand for 800G products is higher than that for 200G and 400G. In 2025, the demand of AI customers for 1.6T products will also be released. At present, the company is developing 1.6T optical modules for key customers, and it is expected to be tested and certified next year.